Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fort Worth

Fort Worth, Texas
Arriving in Ft. Worth, with a population around 758,000 you can't help but think that you are in a small town...especially if you come in from the much larger sprawling Houston, which numbers well over two million inhabitants.

One of my first memories of Fort Worth, as a child, was going to it's fabulous zoo. Pictured here, present day... a scary reptile welcomes you... all dressed up for Halloween.

The pink granite courthouse house, built in 1895, sitting on a bluff above the Trinity River is like an anchor at end of Main Street; a street like so many others in town, paved in brick. I straightened this photo twice, and it is still looks lopsided...sorry!

A mural of  long horned cattle serves as a reminder you that you are now in "cowtown".

Come back tomorrow and we will visit the stockyards, where you are guaranteed to see a real cowboy!
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  1. Nice pictures, I like it to get to know cities I have never been.

  2. You selected a varied medley of photos to show us this "small town."

  3. The nice thing about Fort Worth is that we have many of the amenities of much larger cities (albeit on a smaller scale) but you can drive almost anywhere in town in under 20 minutes. It also has a slightly rolling terrain in parts unlike its eastern and southern big sisters Dallas and Houston. We love it here!