Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Am Not Wearing A Costume!

We are invited to a Halloween costume party this weekend. The first thing that came out of my husband's mouth when I told him was: "I am not wearing a costume"!. That's okay, because we have a previous commitment anyway. Hmmm there was a time when he was a bit more agreeable!

Dressed as M & M candies many years ago... 

Headed to a Medieval Dinner 

Posing as constrution workers

And last but not least, headed to a  1950's Era Murder Mystery Dinner (our assigned roles) as a Nerd and The daughter of a wealthy factory owner.

He actually isn't such a grump, and I feel sure I could have talked him into wearing something funny!
 May your day be a joy...what ever you may be doing....Janey
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  1. Hello Janey:
    Well, you have certainly been extremely imaginative in your party wear in previous years.....and far braver than we should ever be.

    The twin set and pearls is so very 1950s!!

  2. Thank you Jane & Lance. Nice to see that you have surfaced! Janey

  3. Looooove the M & M costumes! It definitely seems much more fun dressing up when you're younger. I dread getting an invite to a 'theme ' party these days.

  4. Janey, At least he has joined you in previous years and you have the photos to prove it. Great pictures! PS. Got home from Cuba yesterday...an amazing trip! Come visit; I've missed seeing the blogs every day!!

  5. I can imagine you husband has done with it. He did what he could for over the years. I am afraid you have to be the only one who has to wear a costume now. The photos are hilarious!