Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Belated Birthday

One nice thing about coming back to Houston is getting together with friends that you haven't had time to visit with for a long time. Yesterday, they took me to Americas, a popular restaurant in town with an award winning chef, Michael  Cordua, who hails from Nicaragua.We were celebrating my September birthday!

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I'd never been to Americas, although it is not a new place....and I was amazed by the decor. I felt like I had fallen through a rabbit hole, and was on an Alice and Wonderland set. The booths had a very unusual shape.
The wall across from us looked like it had large popcorn glued to it? .

                       Another piece of art
                  I am not sure what these lights were supposed to be?
The restroom had mirrored doors down both side reminding me of a hall of mirrors at a circus.
I could go on and on...but won't. I'm just not sure I would decorate such a nice restaurant in this decor?...But, the most important thing. Their food was wonderful! Come back tomorrow, and I will take you to the wonderful Antique Warehouse we found on our way back  to suburbia!




  1. Your note about Alice falling through the hole is very funny. The interior design looks rather "special" indeed, a bit over the top. But as long you have a nice evening with nice food who cares. Congratulations with your birthday of september!

  2. Birthday dinners with friends are the best, looks like a very unusual setting. Three very lovely ladies.

  3. pretty unique decor, for sure! interesting.

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    1. Thanks Guys,

      It was such a fun day. It is so good to get away with girlfriends now and then....keeps you young :)