Thursday, October 18, 2012

What We Bought

The antique shop that we stopped in on the way home from my birthday lunch (Mon's blog) had three rooms stuffed with treasures. So what did we buy?

Brenda purchased this lovely copper tea kettle. We asked the shop keeper it's history; his hesitation made us realize that he wasn't sure. We laughed, and told him to make something up...because we would believe it. Brenda said she was going to polish it when she got home. He told her it was "in" to leave it in it's present condition. I have a feeling it will be shiny.... since Brenda likes shiny things.

Peggy Jo fell in love with this metal champagne bucket from France. It is not old...but she didn't care. She liked it anyway. What did Janey buy you ask? Well, I am more of a looker than shopper. I did see something I am thinking about.

It's a tall children's chair that I could use at my dining room table when Hannah visits. Will I go back for it? Stay tuned!


  1. I asked Hannah if she wants that chair and she screamed and smiled. I take that as a YES!

    1. Amazing how you figured out how to comment :)

      I was thinking it needed another bar across the top of the back. When she learns to sit up we could tie her in. But she would have to be pretty big not to fall out the back opening?

  2. that's a cute chair. :) i, too, would leave the patina on that copper kettle.

  3. That chair could be very well for your granddaughter to sit at your table.

  4. You MUST have that chair! I would leave the copper alone also.

  5. You must!!

    I went to Americas about a year ago with friends and the food was indeed fabulous!