Monday, October 8, 2012


The local chapter of The National Memorial Ladies org. were very proud  yesterday to unveil the Fallen Soldier Memorial at Cy Champ Park in NW Houston.

and they should be. It is a monument nice enough to be in our nations capitol.
The walls of granite list local (Texas) soldiers killed in both the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars
Walking around reading the names of such young men..... had me in tears
Especially since there is space left for new names...

I left wondering if we will ever have peace in this world.?


  1. Despite the fact that it is an honor for these soldiers, wouldn't it be nice if none of these were necessary? Very wishful thinking.

  2. this reminds me so much of the Kaufman County Veterans Memorial in my area. same slabs of marble etched with names of local soldiers who died in each war. truly solemn but beautiful tribute.

  3. It certainly doesn't seem like it Janey, but we have to keep hoping! Lovely memorial, the empty spaces would have been so sad, pray that they don't get filled