Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sip & See

It's a southern thing....a Sip & See. Really a chance for a grandmother to show off her new granddaughter.
Given by my friends. It was an elegant affair.
Hannah and Katy are headed back to Chicago this morning.....and I am going to be sad :(


  1. I love that 3 generation photo. It's a keeper!

  2. love that '3 girls' photo. :)

    have never heard of a sip and see (just shows you i'm from the north).

  3. You three look great together. I like the red hairpiece of your little granddaughter. So sad you have to miss her allready.

  4. my husband is from the South but I have never heard of sip and see
    what a nice custom !
    should introduce it in Belgium :)

  5. Gorgeous photo Janey, one for a fram that's for sure. Oh don't be sad, she'll be back soon I'm sure.