Monday, June 10, 2013

Art Reception

One of the first events on our calendar every summer, is the local arts reception

Every local artist is encouraged to show one or two of the latest works

There are all kinds of art work on display is also for sale

and most of it has a mountain theme

My neighbor Ani, who is actually a sweater designer, painted this bear

I am not sure who did this whimsical little fellow. But, this is what the bears do around here. Peep in windows!
Refreshments are donated by the local restaurants, and everyone turns out since it is the first chance to see everyone you haven't seen all winter! Fun event.
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  1. It's a wonderful event and a great community get-together.

  2. I think I might get quite a fright if a big brown bear peeped in my window Janey :) very groovy colourful bear, looks a bit friendlier this way haha!

  3. so neat! i really like that painting of the bear! love her use of blues to show the light in his coat!

  4. That is nice to meet everyone again this way.