Friday, June 28, 2013

The Mold

Tom and I are hosting a reception tonight. In addition to our little community theater, local band and choir....we also bring in (in the summer) Chamber Music Concerts. In order to get these folks here , it costs  more than the ticket price (remember we are very remote);so we have a group of underwriters. The reception tonight, that is referred to as an after glow party, consists of the band or orchestra and the underwriters.Usually about thirty people. After all there isn't much open late around here.

Ceil, a dear friend ,called and offered to make a seafood pate to add to the appetizers. She asked if I had a mold....Yes, of course I Texas! So she went in search of one. The largest town with "real" stores is approximately seventy five miles away. Seems she didn't even find one there. Frustrated, she stopped to have lunch in a little bakery, an low and behold she spotted a whole series of molds decorating the walls! She asked the manager if she could buy one?. which she replied ..".No, but you can borrow one". Ceil said "but I am from Lake City" which she answered "that's okay, bring it back next time you come our way"....Only in a small town!

I have a couple of other stories very similar to this....but this is getting very long and I do have a few things to do! Have a nice day....
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  1. That is so funny ~ only in a small town. So sweet.
    Hope you had fun at the reception!

  2. It's a beautiful mold! Is being a gourmet cook one of the qualifications for residency in your community?!

    1. Seems that way! I finally bought the Taste of Home Appetizer book ...and it is well worn!