Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Barns of the San Luis Valley

I've never paid a lot of attention to barns until I became a fan of The Run *A* Round Ranch Report. My friend over there, Teresa, regularly posts pictures of barns, So, on Tuesday when we went after flowers, I drove Tom crazy asking him to pull over so I could get a barn shot!

Monte Vista, Colorado (where we were) is in the San Luis Valley ...surrounded by high mountains,(the La Garitas to the northwest, The San Juans to the west, and the Sangre De Cristos to the east. and bordered on one side by the Great Sand Dunes National Park. The valley is a huge farming area and the main crop is potatoes...supposedly the second largest potato production...just behind Idaho.
I really don't know a thing about styles of barns, but here are a few that I liked....and that Tom would pull over for.

This was a biggie

liked the red roof here

This little cutie was my favorite

This one looked very old

and this one even older. There was grass growing on it's roof.

We had a great day seeing the scenery and buying flowers.
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  1. A wonderful collection of barn images. Yes, Teresa's blog is always interesting! (So is yours!!)

  2. A very fine group of barnes Janey, so many certainly had a productive day oui !

  3. oh, i LOVE your finds!!! the first one is very 'western'. the 2nd is very midwestern. the weathered one is gorgeous! and the stone/concrete one is very interesting! the sky in the last shot... wowza!

    LOVE! (and thanks, tom, for indulging us all!)

  4. Great post Janey! love the photos

  5. It is a nice view of the barnes, we don't know that here. They are mostly attached to the farm or not so special. I noticed the special shapes first in Canada.