Friday, June 14, 2013

Cowboy Steel -Local #3

On the way to the grocery store (and beauty shop) which are both sixty miles away, we stopped about half way to talk to our friend Cowboy Steel., whose ranch is in the Powderhorn Valley.

I saw the remains of what looked like an old covered wagon on his ranch, so I ask about it's history. He laughed and said he didn't know, but this is not where it was left , but by anyone but him. You see he brought it down with him from his ranch in Montana.

His horses were sure enjoying the beautiful morning.

This one who was trimming the grass near the fence all but ignored me

Meet Terry...better known as Cowboy Steel. He is a welder....but folks around here consider him as one of our artists.

This is the light fixture that he just finished for us. All we did was tell him what we wanted, and he designed and built it.
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  1. The man has a gift! Have to comment on the distance you travel to go to the stores and beauty shop. You must REALLY love your summer home to have to be so inconvenienced! And from what you have photographed, I can readily understand why. The first photo is a quintessential western scene.

    1. We do have a small country store here...and one beauty shop that is very busy.
      I have yet to tire of the weekly drive to the supermarket...I just can't explain this place. Only can say it's paradise.

  2. oh, cool! loved his place! love his art!

  3. What a lovely photos Janey of the surroundings and the nice people you have around.

  4. The horses look like they have a very lovely life Janey..beautifully rustic chandelier, clever welder friend :)