Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Saving the Silver Mine

Along the Alpine Loop that connects Silverton, Colorado and little Lake City is a ghost town/mine. The Ute Ulay at one time was a bustling silver mining camp.

The old boarding house still stands on the site of the Ute Ulay that  was established when prospectors trespassed on Ute Indian land...prior to the Brunot Treaty of 1874 that would have given them the right of way to mine.

Thinking the Ute Chief (Ouray) would not bother them, if they honored him by naming the mine after him. Problem is they didn't know how to spell his name!Which proved not to be a problem since the camp was never attacked.

It is none too soon that they have decided to restore this sight, for generations to come.

Despite it's present condition, it is a much photographed spot

As you can see, the work has already begun!
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  1. Did we drive up there? Glad it is being restored.

    1. Yes we did. There is an old dam there with a hole in it.

  2. Great the work has started, it is so nice to keep the history alive.

  3. With that backdrop I can see why it's a popular spot for photographers Janey, so glad that they're restoring a piece of history..it's too easy to forget!

  4. We all seem to enjoy connections with the past.