Thursday, June 20, 2013


Did I mention that we stay very busy up here? In addition to our fine little community theater  in town, we have one of the top ten repertory theaters in the country.... not 50 miles away. Tom and I are head of the Lake City Friends of the Creede Repertory Theater....which means we throw a membership party at the beginning of every summer. That party was this week.
Happy to say we had a great turnout.
Don't worry. I didn't have to do all of the cooking. There were about 36 appetizers on the table ....I made 5. Lake City women are always happy to help.
My dear friend addition to cooking.....decorated the tables.

CRT brought over their band, which entertained us with some great jazz numbers

Becky...yours truly....Ruth

Posing with some friends who actually are from my high school graduating class in Texas...I discovered that they (and their husbands)  lived here too.....Ran into them 40 yrs. after graduation!


  1. What a great party it was and to meet your old highschool friends is so fun. I bet none of you all had changed a bit.

    1. Ha! Not so. This pic was taken this week. but it was eight yrs ago we ran into each other in town..It' now been 48 yrs since we graduated! Me oh my!

  2. that is proof we are indeed in a small world. how very cool!

  3. Wonderful event! Your summer life sounds full and fascinating!