Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bread Truck - Local # 2

I was able to get one of the artists, from the arts reception, to pose by his work. Say hello to Bread Truck Chuck....unusual name you say. Well, I guess my husband and I are the only two who refer to him as that.

You see over ten years ago, Tom and I were staying in a local RV Park while our house was being built. There was a drifter staying there, not living in an RV, but in what we referred to as a bread truck. He was also doing odd jobs around the RV Park in order to pay the rent on his space. Seems he was just passing through.

One day he ask my Tom if he thought his bread truck could make it to the top of the mountain. There is a very picturesque spot up there, and he wanted to photograph it with his "new" camera. Tom told him no, but he would be happy to drive him up there. Well, I threw a fit....that Tom would offer this drifter a ride...all the while I was trying to figure out exactly where he got that fancy new camera?

To make a long story short. Chuck did ride up with Tom, and took a beautiful photograph...which he sold copies of ,making a profit. One year turned into two....etc, etc. and Chuck (who decided to stay ) has become a respected part of the (artist) community, and a person we call  friend.

Oh and that bread's still parked in town (although he no longer needs to live in it)...Who knows he may just drive away one day?


  1. oh, glad he is a friend! a handsome gent, too. the works he is standing near? GORGEOUS!

  2. That's quite a story Janey..Bread Truck Chuck looks like quite a character..and a fantastic photographer!

  3. What a nice story and the name is so funny too.

  4. Love stories like that; it has the details that would make a good short story.

  5. Oooh, I like those pictures. Christmas gift, hint, hint.