Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Snowden Cabin

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Along this same road  that we have been traveling....there is a neat place to turn off. You have to know where you are going's not well marked. This sign appears after you have climbed a small hill on a dirt road.

Pike Snowden's old log cabin sits a few hundred yards off the road on a beautiful flat meadow.

A new roof was added to insure this old cabin doesn't fall down. But, it's in it's original shape inside.

Pike didn't have garbage pickup back then, so old tin cans are still piled in a heap on the back side of the cabin. I guess they didn't have can openers back then either. I took this closeup to show you the cuts made to open this can...probably with a knife.

The meadow out in front of the cabin is a wonderful place to picnic or just explore. We may drive out again today so the grand kids can throw their Frisbee.

This is the view Pike had across the creek

I had fun just sitting in the flowers and letting the butterflies come to me. I so enjoy exploring old sites like this. Once I found the porcelain hand of an old doll...made me wonder about the child who had owned it.
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  1. This is so nice to see such an old restored cabin. Pike had chosen the right place to wake up with a view at the beautiful mountain.

  2. Pike would have been fascinated to see how much easier it is to open a can these days Janey :) I think the grandchildren would love to picnic here, are they old enough to explore?

  3. oh, what a neat place to live a very frontiersy life!

  4. An interesting picnic spot.