Saturday, June 22, 2013


We don't really have extreme weather here in the mountains in the summer. But, the one thing we fear and dread is fire. We have had several fires in the state of Colorado this summer, but so far they have been on the eastern slope...far from us. Things have changed. We now have a huge fire only 70 miles to our southeast! I took this picture this morning from here in Lake City.

No, those are not clouds you see, but smoke from the fire.

This is the Westfork fire seen from  the other side.(photo from Internet) It is threatening to burn down the entire town of South Fork. So far 30,000 acres have burned and it is raging completely out of control.

The only activity around the obvious traffic, both cars and vacation trailers coming out of the fire areas. A helicopter has landed here three times today. I do not know if they are bringing out injured people or not. This was taken from my they land just down the hill from us on the baseball field.

We have offered to house what  actors and employees that we have room for from the Creede Repertory Theater as they are on pre-evacuation orders

I will let you know if we have to evacuate....Me Oh My!


  1. Nothing scarier than fire! Stay safe!!

  2. oh, dear. i saw that headline on msn this morning and just shuddered. i fear wildfire even more than tornadoes. God bless you and all those anywhere near it. and bless the firefighters...

  3. Oh Janey, this looks scary! I hope it will not reach your place. Keep safe.

  4. Oh my! I am sorry to read this. I hope that all will be well for you. Stay safe.

  5. Very scarey Janey! We have some friends who have a cabin in Creed.