Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Old and New

I had a request yesterday for a full view of one of the houses in yesterday's post. Built in the 1980's this is a copy of a Victorian era house

The lady of the house can usually be seen working in her garden,

Me, I prefer the real thing. This is the Youman/Carey House built in 1893

Oops someone under the front tree is not happy with me lurking about.

Gonna stand your ground are you? Okay I will move on.

Another great example of our old homes.The Steinbeck/Nettleton House built in 1892

My real love is the little shot gun houses...Murphy House. 1893

I have always wanted to see the inside of this cutie
King/Galbiati 1882


  1. You are so accommodating, and I love the contrast between the old and the new. The woman's garden has the edging boards painted in blue; now, that really is coordinating. Takes much pride in her home, of course! Whaat is a shotgun house?

  2. Janey, I googled the term and learned a good deal about shotgun houses. I wouldn't mind owning that for a summer retreat.

    1. The next to the last one is for sale! I guess when you googled ...you got your answer about shot gun houses. If you shot a shotgun in the front door...It would travel straight out through the back door. One room is behind the other.....

  3. oh, i'm with you. the large ones are grand, but those little ones are adorable! nice deer, too!

  4. Thanks,Janey.

  5. the last one really appeals to my minimalist attitude towards living spaces!

  6. Really nice house you have there! And a deer in your garden must be amazing. I like all the old houses you showed, but only the real ones indeed.