Friday, June 21, 2013

Our Movie

It's unusual for such a small town to have a movie theater...but we do.

I's not too much to look at. But, it's a real kick to go to the movie there.

They were closed for two summers because they were in need of a new modern projector. This was re-opening night in May of this year. New seats had been ordered...but they didn't show up in time ;so everyone was invited for FREE. It was a BYOC....that stands for bring your own chair.

This is our owner back in 1975. Gosh Phil that was 38 years ago! Guess you can see why we needed a new projector! Oh. Just before the movie starts. Phil crawls through that opening. Climbs down a ladder and comes down front to give away door prizes.

These locals got real excited about the movie playing now...The Great Gatsby!

We all can't wait for Johnny's Depp's new movie The Lone Ranger to come out. It was filmed in these parts!
So if you are in little Lake City'''' put going to the movie on your list of things to do...and yes chairs finally arrived!
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  1. Are most of these people summer residents: What is the year round population?

    1. These are locals in these shots. Population about 400. Swells to four times that in the summer.

  2. You have a great community there with nice people. I like the idea of BYOC!

  3. i LOVE this place! that's the kind of theatre i'd actually go to! i detest the big places filled with rude people.