Sunday, June 16, 2013

Our Museum

It's not unusual for every little town to have a Museum, but we are rather proud of ours. Built in 1877 by Henry Finley, of quarried stone, it was at that time touted to be one of the handsomest buildings in all of the southwest. Serving many purposes over the years, general store, hardware store and home to the Independent Order of the Odd Fellows (a fraternal org). Volunteers finally opened the County Museum in

The exhibits change it's a place to visit every time you are in town.

This exhibit is about the saloons that lined the east side of Silver St.(an actual photograph) They all burned to the ground in a fire in 1912.

There is a glass tank full of dirt in front of the exhibit showing the different levels that the artifacts from the saloons were found when excavating the area.

Another favorite exhibit is a replica of a miner's tent. What amazes me is that could live in the mountains in these tents during our harsh winters. Also seemed crazy to hang meat in your tent with all of the bears we have around here.

There is an enormous basement under the museum....where they have rows and rows of antiques that are used for new exhibits .. We store our Victorian Tea equipment down there. It gives me a strange feeling to walk around down there. It is a place I do not like to go alone!
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  1. what a very cool building! i agree w/ you on the hanging meat!

  2. So nice you have a museum there with interestings exhibitions. Our only museum in hometown Almere is due to close because of lack of money of the city counsel.

  3. Fascinating place. It must require a lot of time and energy to keep the exhibits stored and revolving in theme.