Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Trip

Tom and I left our little town of Lake city this past Thursday morning very early (6am) in order to drive to Denver to catch our non stop flight to Chicago. It was daylight by the time we pulled into Gunnison, which is an hour north of us. Gasoline is cheaper there, and they usually have an ATM that actually works. This tree was blooming beside the bank....We get to experience Spring twice every year. Once in Texas , then again when we and it finally arrive Colorado.

Heading east out of Gunnison you drive up and over Monarch Pass (11,312 ft high), where there is still snow on the peaks .

We have been over Monarch many times ....but I am always amazed at it's beauty.

There is another pass, once we head north on the other side of Monarch. Kenosha is not as high (9,997 ft.).  I tried to take a picture but it was snowing to beat the band!

We had a nice flight from Denver to Chicago., despite the high winds and thunder storms across the midwest.
Arrived in Chicago at rush hour. We were going to take the train through town. But, I knew it would be very crowded, and I was so afraid someone would step on my foot (which is still healing from surgery). Tom was nice enough to spring for a taxi cab!

Come back tomorrow an I will show you the decorations from the party!


  1. Obviously driving to the airport offers many visual delights!

  2. Gosh the tree is stunning Janey as are the mountain scenes, you do live in a very beautiful part o the world.

  3. Beautiful photos! I love that tree ~ what a great shot.

  4. i like the idea of two springs. :)