Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Knock knock

This is a large rustic looking new home at the north end of our lake. If you have a new home around here...Chances are you will meet me. I will either be calling or knocking on your door. You see, I do the modern home tours benefiting the Historical Society and the Museum.

This home, which was just completed last summer, sits high above our rather picturesque lake.

Since I couldn't get inside (they haven't arrived for the summer yet). I walked all around taking pictures. There really have a wonderful view.

There is always someone who knows someone around here...even if you don't. The woman from the Real Estate office...that sold them the lot....emailed them for me...and they said YES! I am so happy. Now I just need two more homes for the Aug. 9th tour....Can't wait to see inside this one!
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  1. i like that they made it appear much older and weathered than it is. :)

  2. What a wonderful retreat; more than a cabin for sure.

  3. What a fantastic lake and mountain range.


  4. wish I'd live around the lake and that you'd come knocking on my door :)

  5. Beautiful blue skies and that view is fantabulous Janey.

  6. I can hear you knocking here. I am also very curious to see how people live and I would love to see this house from the inside.