Thursday, June 13, 2013

Too Windy

Tuesday seems to be a day at the lake,  for the church camp north of town.

They transport their own kayaks and canoes to our lake, Lake San Cristobal . As you can see it was very windy , making the water choppy.

These young girls were a bit nervous about heading out

and when the wind blew them back into the dock...they gave up...which was a relief to me!

*the girl in the middle seemed to be frozen with fear.
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  1. Yes, it is way too choppy. They showed good sense by returning and staying on shore.

  2. That's just a little too exciting hey Janey :)

  3. Reminds me of our choppy water in Belize. Also sad that the lake doesn't have kayaks you can rent anymore :(

  4. I would be scared too, it looks far to rough for me.

  5. I loved kayaking as a girl! You have just brought back some wonderful memories from my childhood (going to summer camp and learning to kayak took me right out of my comfort zone as a kid). Loved seeing these pictures. Hope that I will kayak again someday...even in choppy water.