Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Change of Seasons

It is no secret that we have had a lot of rain in Colorado this summer. We are hoping that this rainbow, that popped out on Sunday (after yet another shower) was a promise that the rains were over?
Notice the muddy street. Very few of our streets are paved...making for a very muddy car...drives Tom a bit crazy.

I felt very humbled on Sunday night, when friends surprised me with a birthday party. I would show you pics from the party, but I am already being labeled a party girl!
 Guess with this theme of seasons...I am now in the Autumn of my life?

Monday morning brought snow on top of T-mountain. Looks like we have gone from Autumn straight to Winter. How's the weather where you are?

*rainbow pic taken by friend David. I saw it and didn't have my camera!
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  1. Ah, c'mon Jane! We want to see the photos. We're just a wee bit jealous that we aren't having as much fun as you all do in the summer. Everyone loves a party!!

  2. Never leave home without your camera. Beautiful rainbow and happy birthday again. When are you headed home (or back to Texas?)

    1. Thanks Judy...on the calendar for next Tues.

  3. sweet cake!!

    i love that the rainbow is lower than the mountains!! beautiful!

  4. Happy birthday What a beautiful cake. The rainbow picture is gorgeous

  5. Congratulations with your birthday Janey, you will be ever young I think, no autumn for you! The rainbow is stunning, so close above the road.

  6. Happy birthday Janey! and rainbow looking amazing..such your friend "David" is a good photographer...