Wednesday, September 4, 2013


The Catholic church
Our next stop ...still in eastern New Mexico, is the very small county seat of Harding County. With a population of around 120 folks Mosquero is very quiet this morning.

I was surprised to see this new house

as most of them looked a bit older.

Sorry...but I have a thing for old gas stations.There is no question what this place was...even with the gas pumps missing. Looks like at one time you got green stamps with your purchase ...I am sure that some of you remember green stamps?
There was something about Mosquero that caught my eye...come back tomorrow and I will show you!
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  1. That looks so nice, a quiet sleepy town.

  2. Olh, yes! I remember green stamps and the longings I had for some of the merchandise. Another sleepy, picturesque little town.

  3. I've just been catching up on your travels Janey..looks like it was a great idea to take the backroads, lots of interesting, if slightly quiet, looking towns. Gosh here's me moaning about renovating my kitchen and you're building from bottom up..hope it all goes smoothly for you. Hope we'll get to see some pics.