Sunday, September 1, 2013

Where is That Girl?

On the road! Our builder needs us in Texas to make some decisions on the house we are building.
So we headed south. My sister leases a house in the Southern Rockies (Angel Fire), so we spent last night there. No Internet! Grrr. But! a free room and a great meal.
Grilled Pork tenderloin with apricot chutney, polenta with roasted veggies and grilled peaches with ice cream. Yum Did I mention my sister is a great cook?
We had a beautiful drive....and now we are headed on backroads across New Mexico. I am at a gas station and Tom has the car running. I think I need to go!...Janeyd


  1. safe travels and good luck with decision-making!

  2. I used to spring ski in Angel Fire; love the name of that village. A few years ago I returned and was surprised at the changes there. No internet at your sister's??!!

    1. Kate they lease a house every summer for six weeks. We Texans, that can, try to get out of the heat! They are not as busy on the internet as I am...and are happy to go to the local library to read their emails. Me, I felt like I had lost an arm.