Saturday, September 14, 2013

Speaking of Bears

Yesterday I posted a photograph of a bear that is in my house.....and then I got a call from my friend Sandra who was walking down in town...Seems there was a bear in a large tree.

I promise these are not old pictures (not very good ones either...but current; taken yesterday)

You could have walked right under this tree not knowing there was a rather large bear up there. Like I said, around here, we have learned to look up! The DOW officer wouldn't let us stay long, as they were trying to coax him down, so they could get him to go back up the mountain.
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  1. The bear looks quite happy up there and probably wonders what all the fuss is about...Glad the DOW officer kept you at a distance.

  2. I didn't know bears were so brave to climb high in small trees.


  3. I am unsure. Is the picture in your house, or the bear? "Picture of the bear in my house". Sorry, you know a lot of the family were schoolteachers.
    Love ya, Milt

  4. Ha! Well I am not one of them! Hopefully I am not being graded on my sentence structure :) Love you too, Janey

  5. WOW, what a different world Colorado is. So different to our wildlife, the only thing bothering us right now are the crows which love to settle on our mast and pester the dog :-)