Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Ways From Anywhere

Did I mention that I love traveling, when I can get off of the freeway? Well, my brother in law mapped out a way to do this all the way from Angel Fire New Mexico to near Amarillo, Texas.
This is the sweet little town of Roy, New Mexico which is not even on most maps.
There were picturesque (though somewhat abandoned looking) little homes everywhere.

This old building on the main street HAD to have been the picture show!

There is still a small Hotel open.

and an old truck parked on main street

Loved loved this darling old gas station...that happened to be open.

I am not sure what keeps the economy going with so many small farms drying up....but someone was trying to make a few bucks. Roy..a cute town not to miss.
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  1. It may be "cute" but how would you like to live there?!

  2. wow! what a treasure of a place! (to drive through) :)

  3. I can imagine these roads are so much more interesting to drive. You see so much nice places. A highway is alright when you are in a hurry to reach a certain place.