Saturday, September 7, 2013

Watch Where You Step!

You know that you are indeed in TEXAS when there are signs like this one at the rest stop!

We are on the road headed back to Colorado. We spent a couple of days picking out plumbing, faucets, sinks, bath tubs, etc, etc for our new home. Everything went well!.

 I promised someone a picture. Well, the foundation hasn't even been poured and this is all there is! It will be a zero property line , town house of sorts (two story). Hopefully there will be more to it...when we return in a month. Meanwhile, back to cooler temps!...Janey
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  1. Will be interesting to see the monthly progress as you return to check on the building.

  2. glad things went well! happy driving!

  3. It'll be interesting to watch the progress its finished before my kitchen hahaha!

  4. Interesting to see the beginning of your house!