Monday, September 23, 2013

Once Upon A Train

Yes,  Lake City actually had a train at one time. Although, there are very few signs that there ever was one. Service started  in 1889.... which as a little late. Lake City's mining boom was near an end. 

A branch  of the Denver and Rio Grande (narrow gauge railroad) came from the north, from another "small town" that actually  hardly exists now, Sapinero,CO. The small train that consisted of only two or three cars came in here daily, except for Sunday, for forty four years. Fisherman used to ride the train down stream, to their favorite fishing holes, and return on the train the next day. Housewives would even ride north to  berries to pick.

A photo of our train... with a trusted first engineer Pete and his wife Mary Ellen who lived here in town.

There was a presentation done here a few years ago, and we bought the poster of the High Bridge which was just north of town .The bridge over the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River stood 113 feet high and 800 feet long.

When the last train pulled out  in 1933, the tracks were taken up and the wood from the bridges were used to build cabins. The Lake City station was lost to fire, and the station at Sapinero is at the bottom of Blue Mesa Reservoir .....It is hard to find traces of a train that was so loved by this town. Some say it was the highlight of the day when you heard the cry "The Train is Coming".
* an error was made on the poster ...beginning date was 1889
*research material: My Lake City Railroad Memories by Margaret Pitney

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  1. These names are universal, l guess. We also have a high bridge and a Lake City close to us. The photos are important documents of local history!

  2. What a pity the train has completely gone. Can't imagine to have no train. Would be so nice to ride there and over that bridge!