Sunday, September 15, 2013

While on the Subject

This seems to be bear week! Had dinner at a friends house, who had a rather large bear statue...weighing over 700 lbs. They bought it years ago, and had it shipped to town. The delivery folks called, but our friends were out of town, so they instructed them to leave it with a friend who owns the lumber yard. They then ask the lumber yard owner, if he could take it up and put it in their living room. No problem he said, until they tried to lift the box. I guess it took an army of guys to get it to the house.....I don't think it will ever get moved again! least not by his friend at the lumber yard!
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  1. This tale bears repeating! Your posts these past few days make me wonder if you are considering bearing all? I love the photo so much that I an bearly leave to move on to other blogs, even tho I have bearly scratched the surface.

  2. hilarious! poor folks who got to re-deliver!

  3. I like your bear stories, this is also a funny one!