Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mosquero part ll

Someone in the tiny town of Mosquero (population 120) must know how to paint. I started noticing murals everywhere! This one seemed to depict ranching. It also showed a helicopter, which larger ranches have now to round up their herds.

As you can see in this mural, the landscape in easern New Mexico is a bit of a dessert.

A lot of the paintings seemed to explain what was inside .

or maybe just who was inside?

This one was definitely the feed store. If you are ever in Mosquero, look for the murals, there are many more.

*Mosquero became a town in 1908. It sprang up because of the railroad that went from Tucumcari, NM to the Dawson, NM coal fields. There was at one time was a dry ice plant here. The murals were part of a recent complete facelift of the little town..
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  1. What a nice place, someone must have painting inspirations indeed.

  2. Certainly a surprise to see all those very well-done murals in a town that size!

  3. Lovely murals. The town I am from in Canada has quite a few of them as well. I wonder if the ones you photographed we're all done by the same artist. Hard to tell ~ they are all very well done.