Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Wine Festival

I know you think all we do is party in our little town. Well, Saturday was the annual Wine and Music Festival

Our group of friends  all dressed to the theme of Pink Flamingos

Actually we called ourselves the Flockers and Flockettes and we had a table that was, well pink!

I am posing here with two popular Chinese Bloggers from Beijing

Gu Zhongyi (left) is a Nutritionist  for Beijing Friendship Hospital. His blog has 1.35 million followers and he is a columnist for the New York Times Chinese Website.  Gu Jianmin (right) Is the host of several cooking shows on  Chinese television. One being the Chinese version of The Taste. His blog has 820 thousand followers

Dong Jianmin, me, Ed Spray one of the founders of HGTV and retired President of the Scripps Network, and  far right the translator from the Chinese Embassy Washington D.C. ....sorry to have not gotten her name.
Another fun day in Lake City, Colorado
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  1. Well I don't just think I can see it you party all the time! Well life must be lived, have fun.

  2. wow, those are some serious bloggers/reporters. :)

    LOVE the party pink!

  3. Must be fun with so much wine.


    1. I guess I will blow my image as a "party girl" if I tell you we didn't drink any of the wine. Tom doesn't drink and I love wine...but drinking it out in the sunshine gives me a major headache. Despite all...we had an amazing time!

  4. How did you know they were Chinese bloggers? Sounds like a fantastic crowd to rub elbows with :)

    1. I was part of a small group that was planning their visit to our town.They are touring the U. S. as guests of the Chinese Embassy. As part of the planning committee ....I saw their bios.

  5. We not only "think" we KNOW that you guys are party animals. That's the part of retirement that ROCS!