Friday, September 20, 2013

Sports Cars of Yesteryear

We were so excited to have the Colorado Grand stop in our town for lunch yesterday.

Seventy cars strong...This group of vintage sport car owners were making a 1,000 mile trip around our state

They donate a large contribution to charities to the towns they stop in.
The teachers even brought the school kids to see the cars..

My Tom was the official parking attendant

and I was a welcome hostess. Fun fun Day. Thank you Colorado Grand for coming to our town for lunch!
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  1. There always seems to be something grand going on there!

    1. There is Kate..and sometimes you just have to say no. We haven't mastered that word just yet!

  2. Looks like some wonderful old beauties there Janey..the cars I mean :)

  3. I mean the same and not talking about cars :)