Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Oh Dear...Or should I say Oh Rats?

One luxury that I love, is that we have a private deck off of our bedroom here at the cabin.

Since there is no staircase down to the really don't have to worry about bears coming up on the deck. I know, they can climb the poles...but they never have. I made sure we had a screen for the door...since we don't have air conditioning. July nights can get stuffy.We enjoy sleeping with the door open most of the summer.

Thank goodness the door wasn't open last night....because a pack rat chewed a hole right through it! A rather neat little rectangle don't ya think?

Tom has now declared war on these little critters! Stay tuned.
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  1. Nice photography specially like the last shot of the "Rat".

  2. While I love the idea of the private deck, and yours definitely looks fab..the thought that a bear even MIGHT climb up would make me sleep very uneasy Janey :) mind you, the rat is almost as scary haha!

  3. ¸.•°♡♡♫° ·.

    Passei para admirar suas fotos.
    Tenho medo de ratos.
    Boa continuação da semana!
    ¸.•°♡♡♫° ·.