Thursday, August 11, 2022

Thanks to My Followers

 Dear Friends,

I am at a crossroads…thinking about ending my blog. I have been jabbering on here for about twelve years. Unlike many of you who have a huge group of followers, I have never been able to attract that many.

A whole slew of the people who blogged when I began have disappeared long ago. I won’t go into the long list of those, but the one that comes to mind is Kate at Visual Saint Paul. She was instrumental in me getting started and she just disappeared one day, before I could even thank her.

My faithful followers …. (those that comment) comprise rather short list.

Marianne (Holland) at: is  one that has stayed with me all of these years. She and S.C. her husband were kind enough to show us around Amsterdam on a trip there…. I especially enjoy her many posts since years ago I lived in The Netherlands.

William at: has been around a long time too. I especially enjoy his tulips pictures in the Spring.

Mariette at Back to Basics is another Dutch friend who happens to live in Georgia. She and her husband Pieter are loaded with talents and have lived an amazing life all over the world. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about it.

Rosemary at has a beautiful blog. Her photography skills can’t be beat and I have always learned something new every time I stop there!

Diane at: Her blog is filled with amazing wildlife she discovers on her Florida hikes and her never ending amazing crafts.

Grace in Perth Australia has introduced me to a place I knew nothing about. Once a year my favorite thing is the art on the beach event.

Heather at really does seems to be lost at the moment?. Can’t say enough nice things about this kind sole.

Elizabeth is fun, different, exotic (is that the same as different)?.. and always makes me smile.

Sharon at makes living in the desert seem doable ...She's a great photographer..and will always read your blog if you comment on hers.. 

Let’s not forget Katie at She is cute is a talented decorator with wonderful taste and shares her beautiful family, home and life with everyone.. Did I mention she is also funny?

Then there are those that don’t comment but I know they are there:

My west Texas cousins Becky and Judy…Love you.

A cousin from my little hometown. Love you too Milton

Ed and Donna Spray. Ed a retired network president that I am so proud to know (and Donna) …causing me to be guilty of name dropping, although  Donna is probably the true follower.

...and last but not least..a friend of my daughter's…Paige..who in reality seems like part of the family.

.....and just maybe there could be a daughter or two or maybe a sister who drop in occasionaly...naw not likely.

If I have forgotten sorry.  Janey