Monday, October 29, 2018

Hello from Asia

It has been a long journey, but we are here !
Shanghai was our first stop and we absolutely loved it. Above the Shanghai of yesteryear. (Sixteen century),
...and Shanghai today! That is The Shanghai Tower (taken from an area called The Bund ). It is the tallest building in Asia.
          Internet from this ship is a bit spotty..but I will make an attempt to keep posting, and eventually get over to your blogs.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

You Have To Be Kidding!

Surely only one suitcase and a small carry-on
was just a suggestion! 

I will return folks...stayed tuned! Janey

Thursday, October 18, 2018


Yesterday my special interest art group visited the new exhibit at The Kimbell Museum here in Fort Worth.
On loan from the Musee Bourdelle of Paris, is a beautiful collection of the designs of the late Balenciaga.
Cristobal Balenciaga, who was born in a fishing villa in the Basque area of Spain in 1895, became a top designer in Paris from the late 1930's until the sixties.
The exhibit titled Balenciaga in Black is a collection of his designs as the title says...all in black. Gowns, capes suits and hats. Museums around the world have discovered that their most attended exhibits seem to be exhibits regarding fashion.
This design, which was not part of the show in Paris, is one of the many designs that belonged to a wealthy TEXAS woman. Claudia Heard de Osborne an oil heiress. Claudia is said to have only worn his designs,and almost went into mourning with the closing of his couture house in Paris in the late 1960's Her large Balenciaga wardrobe was donated at the urging of Stanley Marcus, a name associated with high fashion, to the Texas Fashion Collection located on the campus of North Texas University.
The little white things on the bustle are actually little tails of Ermines. She also had the dress made in red with pearls on the back, a favorite of hers at Christmas time.

Thursday, October 11, 2018


I am not sure that my readers know that I enjoy playing golf. Mind you, I am not very good and would certainly benefit from some lessons.
So, I was eager to accept the invitation to go on a golf outing with a group of friends that not only live by us in the mountains, but also near us in Texas. One of the ladies uncle's, who was a Ft. Worth merchant and golf course builder, purchased a large ranch in Hood County west of town back in the mid 60's. It was rumored to have been a hangout back in the nineteenth century of a famous female outlaw Belle Starr...and also a place of Indian Wars, dinosaur bones and yes rattlesnakes. Anyway, he built on the ranch a small nine hole golf course for his own enjoyment. Today the private course is run by two of his daughter's.
It is also a working ranch where longhorn cattle graze, and an occational flock of wild turkeys scamper by.

 It was  apparent to me that someone is a birdwatcher, with numerous birdhouses scattered about.
The course is very well maintained with perfectly manicured fairways 
 lined with matured healthy looking Live Oak trees.
There was evidence of our recent wet weather, with cute little mushrooms popping up here and there

and a few decorations to let you know that you were on an old ranch.

This to Tom's dismay, was also just another decoration.
I know one thing I certainly enjoyed being out in the beautiful weather, on a picturesque golf course with good friends...despite my golf score!

* Those interested in the properties connection with Belle Starr....go HERE

Monday, October 8, 2018


No, I haven't fallen off of the face of the earth. Just been very busy. You see we are getting ready for a trip to Asia. More on that later..but I don't know about you but I am getting tired of looking at those skeletons. (previous post), although I haven't taken another picture....well that is not entirely true. So, let's talk about shoes.....Not my shoes, but my husband's. He really doesn't have very many. Athletic, hiking and yes those fancy ones he wears with his suit (haven't seen much of those in awhile).
You see he is a loafers guy. He has been wearing these this week (no socks of course) because his penny loafers (which are he favorites) are at the shoe shop. He must have a funny stride because he is constantly in need of new heels or soles. Oh for those that don't know. A Penny Loafer has a slot to display a penny....where the tassles are on this pair. Although, I have never seen a person insert a penny.
A good shoe repair shop is difficult to find these days. I don't think the younger crowd have their shoes repaired. I guess they just buy new ones.

So, in the four years that we have lived here in Ft. Worth, TX we have sought out several shoe repair establishments. ...and let me tell you, they are not all equal....but he has finally found a favorite,

 but you almost need to be armed to go there. It is not in the best part of town. I went with him to drop off his shoes this week. Sitting in the car I noticed the shop next door to the shoe repair shop. It had no sign telling what sort of shop it was...and you really couldn't see much through the windows. It did have several unusual notes displayed of the door: Must Have I.D. To Enter.   Ring Bell To Enter   No Hoodies.  No Facemasks.
Several people did enter while I was there. They seemed to be fishing money out of their pockets as they went in and no one stayed very long. I just couldn't figure it out. Have any ideas?

I will try must best in the coming days to get caught up on your blogs and I will try to find something else to post besides shoes and scary parts of town....Janey

Wednesday, October 3, 2018


I was walking through a parking lot today...and did a double take.
Yes this broke my stride. What in the world?
So, I walked between the cars for a better view (shot). Seems to me like the back seat of the vehicle has two adult skeletons and one of a dog? All I can say folks, is it is October...and Halloween is on it's way.