Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Old Texaco

This little gas station has been around here for a long time...and even though it is an independent station now...we all still refer to it as the Old Texaco...which it was at one time

It's a place where you can stop in for a great breakfast or some delicious barbecue
You can see they saved the old sign and brought it indoors.

Tom and I were walking for exercise, and we stopped here and shared this giant cinnamon roll.....I am afraid it may have cancelled out our calorie burn?
Come back tomorrow and I will show you what else goes on at The Old Texaco!
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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Chamber Music Series

Lake City was delighted to have the Jayme Stone Quintet preform for us this week at The Mary Stigall Theater, as part of our Chamber Music Series.
Jayme, who is talented banjoist and composer, shared with us that his  music is inspired by his travels around the world .He was accompanied by an exceptional group of musicians on trumpet, base, violin and drums.

The informal after glow reception was held at our cabin ........

 a time to show our appreciation to the musicians (and our local underwriters).

Thank you Jayme Stone Quintet for coming to Lake City...It was a treat to hear your music!
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Friday, June 28, 2013

The Mold

Tom and I are hosting a reception tonight. In addition to our little community theater, local band and choir....we also bring in (in the summer) Chamber Music Concerts. In order to get these folks here , it costs  more than the ticket price (remember we are very remote);so we have a group of underwriters. The reception tonight, that is referred to as an after glow party, consists of the band or orchestra and the underwriters.Usually about thirty people. After all there isn't much open late around here.

Ceil, a dear friend ,called and offered to make a seafood pate to add to the appetizers. She asked if I had a mold....Yes, of course I Texas! So she went in search of one. The largest town with "real" stores is approximately seventy five miles away. Seems she didn't even find one there. Frustrated, she stopped to have lunch in a little bakery, an low and behold she spotted a whole series of molds decorating the walls! She asked the manager if she could buy one?. which she replied ..".No, but you can borrow one". Ceil said "but I am from Lake City" which she answered "that's okay, bring it back next time you come our way"....Only in a small town!

I have a couple of other stories very similar to this....but this is getting very long and I do have a few things to do! Have a nice day....
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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Tree

These three little kids were at the town park yesterday afternoon where  we have all kinds of playground equipment. But, they were having more fun climbing a tree. It reminded me of my childhood. I loved climbing trees. Did you ever climb a tree?
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Knock knock

This is a large rustic looking new home at the north end of our lake. If you have a new home around here...Chances are you will meet me. I will either be calling or knocking on your door. You see, I do the modern home tours benefiting the Historical Society and the Museum.

This home, which was just completed last summer, sits high above our rather picturesque lake.

Since I couldn't get inside (they haven't arrived for the summer yet). I walked all around taking pictures. There really have a wonderful view.

There is always someone who knows someone around here...even if you don't. The woman from the Real Estate office...that sold them the lot....emailed them for me...and they said YES! I am so happy. Now I just need two more homes for the Aug. 9th tour....Can't wait to see inside this one!
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Old and New

I had a request yesterday for a full view of one of the houses in yesterday's post. Built in the 1980's this is a copy of a Victorian era house

The lady of the house can usually be seen working in her garden,

Me, I prefer the real thing. This is the Youman/Carey House built in 1893

Oops someone under the front tree is not happy with me lurking about.

Gonna stand your ground are you? Okay I will move on.

Another great example of our old homes.The Steinbeck/Nettleton House built in 1892

My real love is the little shot gun houses...Murphy House. 1893

I have always wanted to see the inside of this cutie
King/Galbiati 1882

Monday, June 24, 2013


I love it when the Poppies bloom in town ...and they are blooming right now. This batch is on the side of one our historic homes.

This is the front of the Hough/Onley House. built in 1877 by prominent Lake City resident John S. Hough. Mr. Hough built several other buildings in town that are still standing; our bank building and the block of buildings that houses our arts center. When this house was very new, Mr. Hough had a famous house guest. Susan B. Anthony who came to town speaking on women's rights in 1877.

There is an addition that was added to the house on the north side.

We have a large historical district in our little town. You can pick up a map of the area at the Welcome Center. Forty something of our homes and structures have historical plaques...telling the history of each place. So grab your straw hat and stroll at your leisure.

More Poppies about Town

Have a nice Monday!
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bird Talk

I have Robins nesting in the eves of the west deck (off of our bedroom)
Problem is...the prevailing wind blows from the west...and can gust to 40 mph.

Almost daily now, one of the nests hits the deck floor. No problem there are no eggs. I want to tell the birds to move their nests to the east side of the house. They will be protected from the wind ...and enjoy the morning sun....but I have yet to figure out how to speak bird?
When in doubt...Eat

We are going to a dinner party tonight. ...and I was asked to bring a dessert. I made a Cream Cheese Brownie Pie.. The recipe (cooked by a lady in S.C.) won first place in The Pillsbury Bake-Off. I will top each slice with a small scoop of White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Ice Cream.

* I have a friend here, who had her medical checkup in the Fall after returning to Texas. Her doctor fussed at her saying"what have you been up to? Your cholesterol total is way up!" To which she answered " I know I know..It's just been a cream cheese summer"

I figure if I ignore the fire (see yesterday's bog). It will go away. Not really. We are glued to fire updates. It has now grown to 60,000 acres and the forecast is gloom and doom. I will keep you in the loop...Janey
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Saturday, June 22, 2013


We don't really have extreme weather here in the mountains in the summer. But, the one thing we fear and dread is fire. We have had several fires in the state of Colorado this summer, but so far they have been on the eastern slope...far from us. Things have changed. We now have a huge fire only 70 miles to our southeast! I took this picture this morning from here in Lake City.

No, those are not clouds you see, but smoke from the fire.

This is the Westfork fire seen from  the other side.(photo from Internet) It is threatening to burn down the entire town of South Fork. So far 30,000 acres have burned and it is raging completely out of control.

The only activity around the obvious traffic, both cars and vacation trailers coming out of the fire areas. A helicopter has landed here three times today. I do not know if they are bringing out injured people or not. This was taken from my they land just down the hill from us on the baseball field.

We have offered to house what  actors and employees that we have room for from the Creede Repertory Theater as they are on pre-evacuation orders

I will let you know if we have to evacuate....Me Oh My!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Our Movie

It's unusual for such a small town to have a movie theater...but we do.

I's not too much to look at. But, it's a real kick to go to the movie there.

They were closed for two summers because they were in need of a new modern projector. This was re-opening night in May of this year. New seats had been ordered...but they didn't show up in time ;so everyone was invited for FREE. It was a BYOC....that stands for bring your own chair.

This is our owner back in 1975. Gosh Phil that was 38 years ago! Guess you can see why we needed a new projector! Oh. Just before the movie starts. Phil crawls through that opening. Climbs down a ladder and comes down front to give away door prizes.

These locals got real excited about the movie playing now...The Great Gatsby!

We all can't wait for Johnny's Depp's new movie The Lone Ranger to come out. It was filmed in these parts!
So if you are in little Lake City'''' put going to the movie on your list of things to do...and yes chairs finally arrived!
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Thursday, June 20, 2013


Did I mention that we stay very busy up here? In addition to our fine little community theater  in town, we have one of the top ten repertory theaters in the country.... not 50 miles away. Tom and I are head of the Lake City Friends of the Creede Repertory Theater....which means we throw a membership party at the beginning of every summer. That party was this week.
Happy to say we had a great turnout.
Don't worry. I didn't have to do all of the cooking. There were about 36 appetizers on the table ....I made 5. Lake City women are always happy to help.
My dear friend addition to cooking.....decorated the tables.

CRT brought over their band, which entertained us with some great jazz numbers

Becky...yours truly....Ruth

Posing with some friends who actually are from my high school graduating class in Texas...I discovered that they (and their husbands)  lived here too.....Ran into them 40 yrs. after graduation!