Friday, April 9, 2021

Staying Busy

 Staying busy since I need to be home while my hubby is recovering from hip surgery. One of my sisters liked my face mask, which  I had sewn myself, so I told her I would make her one. Oh my gosh she brought over a lot of fabric to keep me busy! Not sure if she is going to wear all of these herself or give them as gifts?

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Playing Nurse


I have whole a new found respect for nurses.
Nursing my hubby who has a new hip has been a full time job.

Joined all five of my sisters and their families for a wonderful Easter dinner. My niece Kristin made her delicious cookies.

I did get out for a walk early this morning which always lifts my spirits.

It is beginning to look like Spring here. Japanese Snowball bush beside the guard shack of a billionaires estate.

A pretty pot has a bit more character from the cold weather.

Our Pyracantha Vine looks like it will not sprout out. The extreme cold was just too cold for it.

We are going to replant and hope it will once again look like this.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

New Hip

 Well this was the week (finally) that my Tom got his new hip.

The surgery took place at a new orthopedic hospital and it was beautiful. That extra room has a pull out bed, another t.v. and a mini fridge for anyone that wants to spend the night with the patient, but since  our house was less than 10 minutes away, I decided just to go home.

The view was pretty amazing too. The trinity river was down below with jogging trails on both sides.

There were a lot of bikers too.
and yes, since this is Texas we even had a horse or two strolling by.
Hubby leaving the hospital today..(who looks a bit better than that first picture) with his new companion...a walker.
We were given a long list of instructions Guess I had better read them too.
Word has it that these are patients that didn’t. I am hoping this setup was an April Fools joke.

Did you play an April Fools joke on anyone...or do you even know about April Fools Day?
Have a nice weekend and let me know about your Easter.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Delayed Damage

 It’s been well over a month since Texas had its news worthy cold weather. Our temperature went down to -2 degrees F.  A lot of people’s homes were damaged by broken water pipes etc..but we were very fortunate to have only lost some of our outdoor foliage.....or so we thought.

This is the glass in our front door. It is a wavy piece of glass affording a bit of privacy...but it is not supposed to be crinkled like this!

Seems the double  paned glass has an layer of a gas between the layers. Apparently the cold weather caused a tiny crack and for some reason waited until now to finish cracking. The cracking is on the inside of the glass, so it still feels smooth on both sides. Tom likes it and suggested leaving it that way. I on the other hand want it repaired, who knows when it will just  just collapse! The glass repairman will be out next ...we hope.

Friday, March 19, 2021

The Thunderbird

 Ford Motor Co. made a luxury sports car called the Thunderbird, usually referred to as a tbird from 1955 thru 1997 when they stopped production due to lagging sales.

This is a picture of a Classic 1956 Thunderbird. l thought these cars were beautiful.

So, on my walk around the neighborhood, I couldn’t help but notice this beauty. I thought at first that it was a vintage tbird.

 What I didn’t know is that Ford built the Thunderbird again from 2002 to 2005 and  after looking closer, I think the one in the neighborhood is one of the newer models. I have since found out who it belongs to. Without naming names, this lady was the first wife of a famous musician. Now every time I walk by I start singing Hotel California...

Monday, March 15, 2021

In Search of a Shoe

 Ever since I have known my husband, he has worn the same style shoe. He does have dress shoes, golf shoes, hiking shoes and sneakers, but you will rarely see him in any of those.

You will more than likely see him in his favorite penny loafers. No he doesn’t put a penny in the slot, although I guess some people do? These shoes have been more and more difficult to stores or online. The problem is they seem to have stopped making this shoe in a narrow width. I can’t tell you how negatively this has affected him! So, this morning we drove over to a Dallas mall hoping one of the two anchor stores would still have his size. I know, we could have called, but it sounded like a way to get out of the house. Besides we planned to get take out at a restaurants there, and eat out in the mall.

Beautiful flowers were blooming as we walked up to the entrance. Most malls across the US are suffering and many have closed, but this one North Park, opened in 1965 is thriving! It has turned into a luxury mall. Name a luxury store and you will find it there...
I hadn’t been there in years and it was a treat to see all of the works of art. This is one titled Five  Hammering Men by an American artist Johnathan Borofsky. There actually were five and their hammers where going up and down.

Then there was this by Anthony Gormley from the UK.

The standing one was titled Anticipation.

The sitting one titled Contemplation.

and the reclining one, Dreaming.
No, we didn’t find the shoes, but we had fun window shopping and had a nice lunch. 
If you are wondering why there are no people in this successful mall, well it was Sunday morning and they had just opened. If you are ever in Dallas, it’s worth a stop.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Here I Am

 I have been neglecting my blog lately, sorry! Really don’t have an excuse, just not much going on around here! We have had some beautiful Spring weather  and everyone is holding their breath wondering what plants are dead....or just waiting to sprout out again. For those that may not know we had extremely cold weather for Texas, an unusual snowfall and -2 temps. Gardens all over the state have suffered.

Our Pyracantha that we had trained on the wall of our courtyard is looking iffy! Everyone tells us it will likely sprouting out again. We sure hope so.

Our pansies did survive. I was out there covering them with old bed sheets when I heard the forecast...Tom  said “those won’t make it” but they did. 

Our neighbors tree...I call it a tulip tree is budding out. I feel sure one of you will know the proper name for it.

I did plant some pink geraniums by the front door today.. As you can tell I am more than ready for Spring.
We have to make a quick trip to Houston next week and the week after, Tom has hip replacement surgery.. 

Hopefully I will find something interesting in Houston to tell you about!