Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Good Fence

A good fence should last a long time.
I would say this one fits the bill. I am not exactly sure when this one was built, but I do know a lot about this property. So, if I have any history buffs among us...have a seat.
This little charmer was built by a saloon keeper in this little mining town in Colorado in 1891. It was sold in 1897 to a prominent western slope attorney...who met his demise. That is a story for another time. The third owner was Herbert G. Heath and his wife Louise Mayer Heath in 1914. He was the principal of the local school for the  thirty eight years. The house remains in the family today, and the local school is named for Mr. Heath.
Louise Mayer (1883-1979) the wife, was a local girl, that married Herbert Heath, the educator, in 1903. 
Louise and her sister Emma (1882-1973), above ,were hard working young women.

They helped their German immigrant father Herman Mayer on the family farm, that is now the Vicker's Ranch (in the distance). Herman did not like that the road, leading south out of town, went right through his pasture. So, he decided to physically relocate the road to the east... on the side of the mountain
Both young girls, along with their Mom, also named Emma, were expected to help.
 Emma Mayer (mother of Louise and Emma) later divorced Herman, and opened a boarding house on the top floors of the Hough Building, pictured above (today). Again, the young sisters were put to work, helping their mom with all of the boarding house chores,which included carting firewood, water and coal upstairs to the rooms...not to mention a lot of laundry. There happened to be a duel (gun fight) on this very corner in 1902, a bullet hole is still visible in the window frame. Young Louise Mayer had just hung out the clean sheets from the boarding house, and one of the wounded men ran down the alley getting blood all over her freshly laundered sheets. Sadly both local men died.
Emma Lowe Mayer (1853-1947) mother of the two girls moved into this cottage she built in 1902, when she retired from the boarding house. It was just across the street from the house that her son in law and daughter (The Heath's) would buy, pictured earlier. The daughters sold this house after their mother's death in 1948 to a family from Kansas City. Our small town of approximately 391 people is very proud of it's history and it is all kept alive by a very dedicated Historical Society.

* information for this post were copied in part from two books with the permission of Grant Houston.
Historic Homes of Lake City Colorado by Grant E. Houston
Memorable Cooks by Linda B. Iams
and Historical info from Grant Houston

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Scary Ride

There is a scary drive around here, that most everyone takes  in July, when the wildflowers are blooming. Although,  it takes a four wheel drive vehicle to maneuver the tiny steep shelf roads. The road has no side rails and is only wide enough for one car. If you meet someone coming from the other direction, you must find a pull out, so the other car can pass. At times, this means backing up. Still, both side mirrors on the cars must be pulled in in order to pass. That is why I usually make I don't have to go.
Folks usually send back pictures, so you can see that they made it. A recent photo of friends Ed and Robin. What I didn't expect is the picture my friend Betty sent back this week. She ran into this lady up there...All by herself
Cecelia drove those harrowing roads , yes again, all alone. She is a native around here..... and is 95 years old!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Christmas In July

Those bloggers that have been with me awhile will remember Christmas in July, a fundraiser for our little Library here in this tiny Colorado town. We have it every July. You buy a ticket for Thirty Dollars. It is a fun evening where there are....

a pot luck dinner, including a dessert

and oh yes, a Christmas tree
oops how could I forget Don of the keyboard and saxophone
The biggest part of the ticket revenue goes to buy a new book for the library. It is gift wrapped and put on this tree. Each guest is assigned a number. When your number is called you can open a book or steal one that has already been opened. Let's just say there is a lot for fun stealing going on. You don't get to keep the book, you simply get to read it first.. Everybody wins. We have a fun fun evening, and the library gets 50 new books.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Hike Number II

We had friends from Houston stop in for a couple of days this week, and we took them on a hike.
We chose Big Blue because it is a beautiful drive up the mountain to get to the trail head. ...and it is a nice level hike for newly arriving lowlanders.
The stream Big Blue winds through a vast valley in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, and is a popular fly fishing stream.
We headed off with our friends on a nicely marked trail to the east of the valley.
All the while, Big Blue meandering just below  through the trees
I of course was lolly gaging behind taking pictures
We finally found a lunch spot out in the open
Yes, it was cool enough at this altitude to sit out in the open, in the sunshine. Tom and our friends were enjoying looking down at Big Blue when eating the lunch we had packed.

*If there has been a lot of moisture, be sure to pack bug repellent of this hike, there can be a lot of mosquitoes..

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cabin Redo

There is a sweet little cabin, down on the river that friends of ours from Houston rent for a month every summer. The new owner has just spruced it up and given it a new name.
 Most of the changes are apparent in the kitchen. I wish that I had a before photo.
Where she added a vintage refrigerator
that has pink trim on the interior. I know it is small, but they  have an extra fridge in the utility room.
Great new bar stools
that match the (new) old Formica table in the kitchen

I love the new name of the cabin. We do have a lot of Blue Birds around here, and the house sits on a little bluff above the river. Good job Kristen!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Photo Shoot

It won't be long until we have the annual Back in Thyme Tea
So the six hostesses, decided to pose in Helen's Garden for a newspaper ad promoting the tea. Our high tea benefits Helen's Garden on the grounds of the Hinsdale County Museum. It is  an elegant, always sold out, event.. .Wish you could join us for tea.

Yes, that's me on the far right.

Friday, July 25, 2014

A Common Plant

Some see this as a common weed
Others see a wish

I wish for you a wonderful day  Janey

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tree Trimmer

That sweet little picket fence may keep your dog in.....
but is is not nearly high enough to keep this expert tree trimmer out!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Cabin

It doesn't seem to matter how old a cabin is in the mountains
especially if it is sitting on the banks of a river

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Theme

My husband and I try to walk daily, but there are times that he is playing golf ,or hiking with the hiking club; and I end up walking alone.
So, on my walks, it helps to have a theme. Mind you, there are a lot of things to photograph around here.
Today's theme was vintage transportation.
There use to be a lot of abandoned old Jeeps sitting around town. Well, not anymore. Someone must have through here that was collecting matter the condition,
 but, if you are looking for an old truck to restore. I know just the place where you can find one!
This one though ...I guess it is already spoken for. 

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Monday, July 21, 2014


The snow capped mountain on my header is called T-Mountain. There is a simple reason for that, which is not apparent on my header. You see there is a natural T formation on the mountain.
It is not any easier to see from this location, but I promise if you were here in person I could point it out to you.
If I zoom in on the photograph ...on the right side, you can see that there is a natural rock formation, shaping the letter T....Of course, I think it looks like a J :)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Yes We Have A Lake

I have referred to the small Colorado town, where we live in the Summer, Lake City. Folks usually ask me it we have a lake? Indeed we do. The second largest natural lake in the state. Located just three miles south of town on state hwy. 30.
click on photo to enlarge

Lake San Cristobal was formed approximately seven hundred years ago, when a nearby mountain slid down and blocked the river. I took this picture on my walk on Saturday morning. It was about 10am and I was amazed that there weren't more people on the lake? We are remote here, so if you enjoy getting away from the crowds ....this is the place for you!
Finally, after walking almost a mile I did see a small boat with a fisherman. I hope that you are having a peaceful day...Janey

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Hike

The number one thing my husband loves to do here in the Colorado Mountains is Hike. Yesterday, we did just that.
This hike parallels this pretty little creek, called Brush Creek.
Right away I noticed one of my favorite things, wildflowers.
There were so many different types
and colors.

There was also moss growing in a lot of the shady places.
I did look up on occasion to see the beautiful vistas
and changing topography
We found a table for two (actually a flat rock) to eat the lunch we had packed....even had flowers
Yes, those are Columbine, Colorado's state wildflower.
Our table overlooked Brush Creek where our trail had come back down to finally cross it. Our destination. Two point two miles in ...which means we had to hike two point two miles back to the car. Nice day...but I am tired. We had a dinner party at our house last night for nine people. So I was ready for a nap when I got back to town!