Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Bunny Cake

It has been a family tradition in our home that every Easter we make the bunny cake.I think the first cake I made was way back in the 1970's.
Here my daughter's are showing off their (our) creation.(circa 1990).
You have probably made this cake yourself. You simply make two layers. One of them you cut out the ears. What is left is the perfect bow tie. My daughter's have carried on this Easter tradition.
Well, sorta...
You see Katy my youngest was at their lake house for Easter with several  other couples. She made the cake, cut it out and told the four little ones that they would decorate it later. The adults were enjoying the beautiful evening on the deck....but the kids kept wanting to decorate the bunny cake. So Katy said "go ahead". Oh dear....

Friday, April 26, 2019

Card Making

Okay not all of the courses I take at the local University are intellectually challenging.
I signed up for a greeting card making class.
I was pleased that we didn't have to provide our
 own supplies. Not sure I want to invest in anything I am not capable of doing. So, we started out by ripping a piece of paper (even I can do that) and taping the pieces on a piece of cardboard. 
Then we inserted a heavier (card stock) piece of paper....and stamped the opening with dabs of ink. I chose blue.
 There were all sorts of stamps to choose from. I just stamped mine with a hello and a little flower.

The ladies across from me seemed to be having a good time.

and some of us are a bit more creative than others,

but I had fun... am mailing mine off today to an Aunt who is in a nursing home. I hope she likes it.
Next week we will graduate to a card that is a bit more difficult...oh dear!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Bake Off

As many of you know, Tom and I attend several non credit classes at a local university.
Not only do we learn a few things, but we have an awful lot of fun. Seems they are always thinking up ways to entertain us,
and that is how they came up with the cookie bake off. Here you see a contestant displaying her baked goods.
I actually cant remember,but I think they had about sixteen people baking their best cookie.
There were all types. This would be called a bar cookie (you cut them into bars) and as I remember this one was filled with apricots.
These were in that same category...Sort of a pecan pie texture but with walnuts.
These were brightly colored iced sugar cookies.
Some were all about the display.
These were a favorite of mine. I adore anything with lemon in it.
We even had what they called celebrity judges,
made up of University professors, Provosts, coaches, etc.
and they took their job very seriously!
There were three prizes handed out. The judges voted on best bar cookie and best display and the we got to vote best by public opinion.
The couple on the right were a team...and I am sure you are surprised by the lady with the blue hair. I don't know this person, but I thought she was wearing a wig to look like Cookie Monster, a cartoon character from the show Sesame Street...but apparently she dyes her hair unusual colors on a regular.
 basis.  Anyway, it was such a fun afternoon. Next up is a class tomorrow on greeting card making and on Friday discounted tickets, through the University, to the musical 42nd Street.

Tell me what you have been up to...

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Happy Easter

If you and yours celebrate the Easter Holiday, I hope that you have a very happy one! We are celebrating one day early (today). It is the only day that most of the family could gather. We were surprised at Christmas when the next generation offered to start having the family holiday celebrations. Christmas was at my house, so I am wondering if I appeared a bit frazzled for them to step forward??What ever the reason...I am thrilled!
 I was up before dawn in order to make the cake I am taking. A three layer lemon cake. I am also making a spinach salad with hard boiled eggs and bacon. It helps with such a crowd if we all bring something.
Tell me about your Easter

Monday, April 15, 2019

We Survived!

Tom and I have been in North Carolina for a week babysitting.. giving my daughter and her husband a break. We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the girls despite the fact that we had forgotten how tiring taking care of little ones can be. That is why you have children when you are young I suppose? Now that we have returned I realize just how much I wish they lived closer.
One thing we always like to do when in Charlotte is visit to Freedom Park. It is a 98 acre sanctuary in the city built just after World War II as a tribute to the soldiers.
Walking across the bridge into the park I noticed a mother and child having lunch on a rock near the creek (look closely).
One of the many bridges in the park. This one is my favorite.
View from the stone bridge.
North Carolina has had a very wet Winter and soggy Spring, so on this beautiful day we saw several school groups enjoying the park. The teachers were letting these kids roll down a grassy slope. All I could think of was grass stains! ..but oh my gosh they were having fun.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Let’s Play

Tom and I are babysitting two of our little granddaughters in North Carolina.By little I mean four and one. Their parents are on a much needed break .....a cruise ship to be exact. We have been at this almost an entire week now...and as much as I adore these little sweeties, I had forgotten how much work it can be!
We have been able to take them to the little preschool during the day and the baby to her daycare.

I think the most difficult thing is fastening them in their complicated car seats. We do have fun playing with them at the house when we pick them up in the afternoon in their large playroom.

We have to make sure that all of the tiny toys that would fit in a little mouth are safely stowed away.

We have to be very diligent to make sure all tiny toys that would fit in the baby’s mouth are safely stowed!

Although daughter has everything separated

and properly labeled....which makes it a bit easier. They are due back today...and we are just now getting the hang of ! Whew taking care of little ones will keep you young!
I am trying to post onmy IPad which is a bit difficult!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Speaking of Fashion

Speaking of fashion, not that we were.
Don’t know about you...but I have a hard time even believing that people would pay hard earned money for these jeans with all of these holes...but since I see people wearing them...I guess they do.

I have not seen anyone wearing these shorts though...and kind of hope I don’t.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Would You Wear This?

Would you wear this is a frequent question I see on Fashion Blogs.
I am not sure why I thought of that question when I saw this? I guess I was thinking along the same lines. Would you want this on your street? Granted the guy (or gal) has a talent but this is in the front yard on a street of nicely restored little houses. I certainly wouldn't want this thing next door or across the street from me. How about you?

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Is Someone Listening?

Once on a post in the summertime I featured my favorite chair, in my favorite corner in our log home. 
Well, we all have a favorite spot in our homes, and I do here in Texas as well.
This comfy blue chair is where I enjoy sitting. Most folks my age have a reclining chair by now, but my husband says those are for old folks and he won't hear of it. I like this chair because not only is it comfortable but it has natural light as well as a little lamp for reading. I can also see out the front of the house, into the courtyard and of course the television. My computer is not there but my ipad is.
Notice the gadget on my side table? Well, that is my little virtual assistant. I have gotten to like Alexa. I can ask any number of questions, like how to spell something, what the score of the football game is, the weather for today, headlines etc. She is connected  to our computers...although I really don't understand how all of this advance technology works.
What I do know is that she is not activated until you preface every question or demand with her name like "Alexa, what time is it?" When she activates the top ring turns blue and a light circles. (see above).
What concerns me is that she has recently started talking when no one addresses  her. I was sitting quietly one day,with no other person in the room and the television off. Out of the clear blue she lit up and said "wanta hear a joke?". It scared the begeebes out of me  (is that a word?) . I know, I'll ask Alexa!

Then Tom and I were visiting over our morning coffee and she pipes in and starts giving random definitions of words that were not even in our conversation.Some people have reported that she sometimes laughs for no reason or screams.

Needless to say if she keeps acting up, her days are numbered. Do you have any such device?
Or would you be concerned that she is listening to you? I can tell you we are pretty boring...not sure what she would do with such exhilarating  informantion?