Tuesday, May 28, 2019


We had guests on Memorial Day. Two couples from our old hometown (Houston) arrived on Sunday to spend a couple of days with us, and we sure enjoyed showing them Ft. Worth.
One of the many things we did was to take them to The National Cowgirl Museum. 
The statue out in front is titled High Desert Princess. I really like the architecture of this building which looks very Art Deco to me.
There is such a wide variety of things to see and do in the museum,
from pretty fancy saddles
hats with bling
and boots as well.
Although the outfits worn by cowgirls of yesteryear were not quite a sparkly.

I think the design of this old purse has been recreated a few times though.

Here it appears these folks are looking into a black box

but it is actually a three dimensional hologram of western sharp shooting star Annie Oakley speaking of her experiences
when she traveled around the country with The Buffalo Bill Wild West Show (1883-1913)
This elaborate costume was worn by current day country and western singer Reba McEntire who has been inducted to The Cowgirl Hall of Fame (2017).

There is also an area where they have visiting exhibits.

There were many paintings of western women in an exhibit titled The Trail of the Cowgirl.
by talented artist Donna Howell-Sickles

We just had a ball acting like kids. Here we got to select a western scene to put ourselves in,
and totally out of character.... I rode a bucking bronco.

To learn more about Annie Oakley go HERE
More about the museum go HERE


Friday, May 24, 2019

Memorial Day

We are headed into a long holiday weekend. Memorial Day is on Monday and it is a National Holiday in the U.S.
I was reminded of that when I entered a big box store this morning, being greeted by a huge American Flag.

Memorial Day is when we honor those who have lost their lives while in military service .
Clever how they made these flags wave. They had a fan behind each one.
There were all sorts of patriotic items for sale. Hair bands and bows,
 even sunglasses.
Many family observe this holiday by having a cookout, so of course there was a huge display of fluid to help light your cooking grill.
It seems every holiday these days we are bombarded by commercialism...

To me this holiday of all holidays should be a quiet remembrance of those who as they say "Gave The Ultimate Sacrifice". I personally have never, to my knowledge, lost a relative to war. My Dad was in World War ll but never left the U.S. Several of my uncles did, but they all came home safely. In all of my genealogy research I only found a very distant relative that was captured during the Battle of Franklin in the Civil War(1861-1865)......and he escaped and also made it safely home.

Does your country have a Memorial or Remembrance Day?
Have you if lost a loved one to war?

Wouldn't it be nice if we never had another war?...and we could all just tackle the other problems we have on this planet? Wishful thinking...and I am not naive enough to think that will ever happen...
I would say Happy Memorial Day....but it is not a holiday to be happy about.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Solution?

Lately I have been parking further out in the parking lot even when there are spaces closer up. Not only does it give me that much more exercise in a day, but it leaves spaces for people who really need to be closer to the door.

Most of our parking lots, especially the ones at the grocery stores, have a bird problem.
A not so loved bird, a Grackles, runs between cars, on top of cars, light posts and just about anyplace it can find a place to hang out. If there is a tree in the parking lot you are tempted to park under it, in the shade ,but I have discovered that is not a good idea...if you get my drift.
Yesterday I noticed when I got out of my car, which again was way out by the last cart return, a pile of bird seed. I am wondering if a bird lover bought the seed and scattered it there for the hungry birds or the store employees did in hopes of keeping them further out in the parking lot? Do you have a bird problem in your parking lots?...Just wondering.

Sunday, May 19, 2019


We love the weather here in north Texas. Having lived for many years down... almost on the Texas coast, where we suffered from very high humidity! We enjoy the drier air here, but we have to accept the fact that there is more severe weather,  especially in the Spring. Yesterday we were inside most of the day with heavy rain and thunderstorms.
When it finally moved on to the east...we headed out for, yep you guessed it..that is an ice cream cone on that sign. I hope you are having nice weather this weekend and maybe a treat yourself.

Friday, May 17, 2019

It's All About The Atmosphere

Several months ago, around Christmas time, I mentioned going to a restaurant that had so many twinkly lights that you gasp when you walk in! Well...I returned  this week. We have some dear friends who, like us, moved up to North Texas from Houston....which is many miles to the south.

They don't live that close to us, but close enough that with a 40 min train ride, they can be here or vice versa. We were to celebrate a big birthday for our friend Phil, so we gave him several restaurant choices for lunch. Three of the four I explained had great food and the fourth I described as an extravaganza...minus the good food.
They decided that a milestone birthday called for a fun place.!!! All I can say is that we certainly had a lot of fun.
Would you ever choose a great atmosphere over good food?
Just wondering....

Monday, May 13, 2019

Mother's Day

I don't always get to spend Mother's Day with any of my kids.

Yesterday thankfully I did. We drove down to Central Texas to spend the day with our youngest daughter and family at their river house.

  It was a beautiful day and we had such a relaxing time.
Although watching my six year old granddaughter do this...made me a bit anxious. She is an excellent swimmer and her parents are very responsible about practicing all of the safety rules. Still....

Whatever you did this weekend....I hope you too had a relaxing fun time...

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Last Minute.

I say last minute because I took this very fuzzy picture (no it's not your eyesight) on the sly this morning and Mother's Day is tomorrow....
If they are going to mail those cards...they will be a bit late, but I guess late is better than never.
to all of our Mothers out there.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Cupcake Card

Surely you knew that I was going to post my latest creation from my card making class!

Please don't look too closely. This class reminded me a bit of doing Origami...not that I know how to do that either. Problem is, the class wasn't long enough. Before I fully understood how to follow the pattern, cut everything out and figure out what side to glue everything on....the class was over. The lady sitting next to me did a much better job...which is why I didn't take a picture of hers...It would make mine look even worse. Next week is the last class. I have had fun...learned a little and am happy there is not a final exam or a grade!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to our local firehouse....Built in 1923
I think it looks a bit like a Frank Lloyd Wright design, although it isn’t..
Word has it that it is haunted....

Sunday, May 5, 2019

This and That

I haven't been tending to my blog lately...sorry So, here is just a potpourri of things.
I did go to my card making class this past week. We did a lot of cutting and pasteing.
inside of card

I again mailed my card to an aunt in a nursing home. The class I am taking is one of the ones offered by a local university. I take a mix of fun classes and those that involve subjects that I know very little about. My favorite this semester is a class taught by a retired professor of religion. No, I am not having a discussion on religion here. .. I like the professor, have always been curious about what different religions preach. The one I am currently taking is Christian Science. It amazes me how this professor can have me hanging on his every word while teaching  theology. Yes, he is that good.


Last but not least I want to wish my little sister a very Happy Birthday.
Polly is one of the most creative people I know. Notice the camera. She is a photographer (and so much more) and graciously offers to take all of our families photos too....and there are a lot of us! 
Happy Birthday Polly!

If you are still with me. I thought I would share something new that I discovered...you may already know this. Are you ever perplexed by ads filling up the articles that you are trying to read?.....even on some blogs. Don't get me wrong...if you want to make a bit of cash with your posts...that is okay with me.
But, if you do not want to read all of the ads. You can click on the little lines to the very left on the address bar...and all ads will disappear. You are welcome.