Friday, May 28, 2021

It’s Time!

It’s time. Time to move to the mountains. I have been packing in blanket bags ever since I figured out that I could stuff a lot more in them. Although I have gotten better. I use to pack three of these.

We are making room to take our flower baskets this year. Since  legalizing marijuana  in Colorado most of the nurseries have discovered is it a lot more profitable to grow that instead of flower baskets. They are not easy to find and can run as high as $75.00 ....where these are $15.00 here.

I am wondering if this little guy is going to miss us? His favorite pastime is to run up and down the wall staring in the window all day. He should be relieved to see Tom leave since he fusses at him for digging holes in the flower beds. Now he can dig to his hearts delight.

I by the way will report from the road if I find something newsworthy.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Rain Rain Go Away!

 This has been the wettest month of May that I can remember  around here! So I felt sure that the Women and Wine  special interest group I belong to was going to cancel our get together .
Just in case I set about making an appetizer  to take. This is an easy one. Blue Cheese Bites.
You simply make a mixture of cream cheese and blue cheese, along with a few other ingredients....spread on white bread, cut in fourths and bake for 15 mins.

The party was in the home of a member who lives in Aledo which is west of Ft. Worth. None of us wanted to drive in the rain, so we were delighted to see the sun pop out.
I received several compliments on my offering.
We had an especially good time even though 
only seven ladies about of the twenty came. Yes, the wet weather really did scare folks off. It is so wonderful to get to socialize again!

The recipe in case anyone would like to make these.

Friday, May 21, 2021

Walking Home

 It’s been a trying year for our kiddos around the world. My five year old granddaughter was looking forward to her first year at BIG school, not to be confused with preschool, but like so many she has had to get use to meeting her teacher and fellow classmates on Zoom. Don’t know about you but before 2020 I had no idea what Zoom even was.

Things have loosened up here in the U.S. and she is finally in class, in person, five days a week.

My daughter Stacy promised her that before the school year ended she would walk to pick her up and they could walk home. Funny when I was a kid, we always walked to and from school and would have been excited about getting to ride home in a car.

How about you, did you walk to and from school?

Friday, May 7, 2021

Meeting the Neighbors


We have been in our home about seven years now but we are just meeting some of our neighbors on the other end of of  the block. One of them stopped by and said on Friday afternoon at five bring a lawn chair , what you would like to drink and meet us out in front. We enjoyed ourselves and love the idea of getting to know our neighbors.

Do you know the people on your block?

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Are Men Color Blind?

 We don’t plant a lot of flowers for the summer season, since we spend our summers in Colorado. One flower that we have discovered that can take the heat of the summer here in North Texas are the Pentas. For the first several summers our gardener planted these beautiful light pink ones. Since then we have started using a different landscaping service and I have had trouble conveying what like pink is.

This is what I mean by light pink.

Well last summer this is what they planted. Pretty, but not what I wanted.

I came home today and my husband was so pleased. He informed me that the landscapers were here and they planted the light pink flowers that I wanted....which appears to be the above color...Which  to me is lavender.

This is what I had visions of.

Not this..

Or this..
I must explain, I am not a difficult person so I will be happy for what I have,
...but next year maybe I need to track down the right color if it is so important to me.

Again I ask are men color blind?