Sunday, July 30, 2017

Guest Host

My sister Polly, her husband and a friend were here all last week visiting. Polly actually worked remotely three of those days. In addition to holding a demanding job, she is a wonderful part time photographer. Although she wasn't able to take as many pictures as she liked while she was here as it is monsoon season.
Here are a few of her pictures.
You may click on any photo to enlarge
 The view off of our deck to the south. That is Roundtop Mountain with a tiny sliver of Red Mountain peeking over the top.
This is the view to the southwest. That is T Mountain. It isn't normally this red. is just the morning sun turning it so for the first 15 mins of the day.
Our Lake. Lake San Cristobal about three miles south of town.
Same lake. She liked the reflections
A private bridge over the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River
 One of her favorite views around here. The curvy road along Henson Creek, driving west of town.

Last but not least, a view of our little downtown in Lake City, Colorado.
Thank you Polly for the pictures.

Friday, July 28, 2017

The Ducky Derby

We have several annual events over the summer,
and one of them is the Ducky Derby. You buy how ever many ducks you would like. Each is numbered.
They are then all dumped at once into Henson Creek, and the first few to make it to the finish line win money. These are the catchers at the end of the Duck Float.
It is a fun spectator event.
There were a few moans and groans when the results were hoisted.
As you can see I get in the spirit of things....pictured here with our Newspaper Editor Grant who is also the President of the Historical Society...and my sidekick when doing the home tours....which is today!
No I did not pick a fast Duck :(

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Gold Hill

Every Wednesday in this little mountain town there is a pot luck supper on top of Gold Hill. It is called Gold Hill because until just recently there was a active gold mine on the mountain.. You do have to be invited up to Gold Hill since it is privately owned...
You also need a 4wheel drive vehicle to get up there. It really is on top of a mountain. The weather was threatening last night, and we were not sure the picnic would happen, but my sister is visiting and she wanted to at least go up and take pictures.
Here I have zoomed in to show you that the storm had just dropped fresh snow on the distant mountains. Yes, it is July!
It was time to ring the the guys could start cooking...but the rope on the bell had gone missing, so they hoisted up a child to ring it.
 Larry and his wife Paulette are welcoming us to Gold Hill and commending us for braving the weather.. Larry is the owner of the mountain, and the guest ranch down below as was his father and grandfather..
Everyone brings their own meat to grill and a side dish to share.We brought cold slaw and a chocolate cake.
Despite the sparse crowd and threatening weather, we had a great time, a delicious meal, saw some amazing views and met some friendly people.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Monsoon Season

Even in paradise the rains must come. We don't advertise it much, but in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado there is a monsoon season.
Starting about mid July and running through mid August you can usually count on the rains.
Our mornings are still bright and beautiful, so if you are going to do an outdoor had better get moving because the rains move in around noon.
It is really not such a bad thing. The wet pines smell lovely
and my flowers like it.
Actually they couldn't be happier.
Not easy to see...but the outside temperature at 4pm today is only 60 degrees...and the town we live in in Texas today is 102 degrees. So, you see...we gladly put up with a little rain here. How is your weather?

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Smart People

I just love smart people, don't you? They inspire do what I am not sure? Maybe I just enjoy them in hopes that they will rub off on me.
Today I attended the Author Reading
of Over The Hill And Gaining Speed, by Kay Rock. Kay has realized her dream in retirement of publishing a book. It is a compilation of the essays she wrote over a ten year period for the newspaper in her hometown of Doylestown, Pennsylvania. It is witty, insightful, and at times thought provoking...and today's presentation was all of those things...including enjoyable.
I might add that I am proud to say that Kay is one of my summertime pals.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Get Away

When you spend the summer in the most remote place in the lower 48 states..occasionally you need to touch base with civilization. 
So, that is just what we did. No, we did not stay at this five star property The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Co. Although, we have treated ourselves in the past to this luxury.
The 4,000 acre resort hotel built at the base of Cheyenne Mountain was completed in 1891, first as a casino by a Prussian Count..who brought European craftsmen over to insure the place would be as luxurious as possible.

Even if we are not staying here we like to walk around the lake, and enjoy the beautiful views. They also have an outdoor bar area complete with a fireplace and rocking chairs where you can enjoy a drinks and views of the lake  (and the people).
I spotted this young lady as I was leaving. She was not just eating flowers in the median
but at the entrance its self....  of the Grand Old Resort!!
Not easy to take a photo into the sun.
So, if you ever find yourself in Colorado Springs, do not miss the famous old Broadmoor Hotel. 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Rescue

I was walking past one of the front windows, when I spotted this
on the glass topped table on the deck. It is a Broad-tailed Hummingbird (a male). The dark colored feathers at his neck are red . I usually don't see a Hummingbird sit so still. Sometimes they light in a tree momentarily before hovering at the feeder. So, my first thought is that he had run into the window and knocked himself silly. I watched for awhile as he was attempting to fly ...which just seemed to scoot him further into the puddle of water. Oh dear what to do?. I summoned my cousin Wendi and we tried to decide the best course of action? I just couldn't let him die in a cold puddle of water.
So, I put soft bathroom tissue into a small plastic box. At least he could be comfortable in his misery.
Wendi offered to pick him up and put him in the box. So I got her a rubber glove.
We both went out to the table. Wendi put the glove on, and reached for the little bird from the rear...when he suddenly came to life and zoomed between our heads.....!!! Scared us to death! Yeah! Not sure if our actions gave him the extra energy he needed or what? Don't you just love happy endings?

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Moose Hunt

Back in 1991 through 1993 ninety three moose were reintroduced to our county here in Colorado from the neighboring states of Utah and Wyoming....and they have thrived.
The area where we can usually spot them is about a 20 minute drive east of our town of Lake City. An area of four small well stocked fishing lakes called Deer Lakes. Lake one is to your left and the count continues as the lakes cascade down the hill comprising four lakes in all.
I have numerous photos like this one taken in summers past of moose in and around these lakes.
Although we had no luck today when I took my visiting cousins on a Moose hunt. We even hiked up the hill from Lake two to Lake one. As we were coming back down the weather was changing quickly  turning a beautiful morning into a rainy dark afternoon.
So, when we got home I pulled out a box of smooth river rocks that I had collected,
and we entertained ourselves painting rocks.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


I know I have been missing in action again.
My cousins are here visiting...and we have been out having fun. I will return..Janey

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Let's Walk

There are so many pretty walks to take around here. You can walk the groomed paths along the river, by the lake or even take a hike through the mountains. I go down to the community garden early to water my little garden plot, so sometimes I just walk through town while I am down there.
I am always referring to our "little" mountain town. Well it is little. This is downtown. Looks like someone decided to park their trailer there overnight. We don't have a lot of rules around here.
Walking along the wooden board walk can be a bit tricky. (uneven boards) so I walk in the street. There is not a lot of traffic this time of morning.
or people about.
Many of our businesses are adorned with pretty flowers in the summer including our wonderful library.
This little shop in years past even had flowers on the roof
 I am wondering if our pioneers arrived in this wagon?

I think you get the message.. that it is a pretty morning walk.
Thanks for coming along.

Friday, July 7, 2017

The Storm is Over

I always look to the west to see what type of weather is coming
and to me it looks like the storm is almost over.
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