Friday, July 31, 2015

A Historical Site

We have the annual home tours coming up in our little town, which I help with . I was driving around to the various homes, so that I could make a map for the people touring, when I stumbled upon  this:
click on photo to enlarge
This is what remains of a kiln that was used to make charcoal. The miner's realized that charcoal burned hotter than wood, and used it in their smelters
 I understand that the Black Smith's also used charcoal for their fire to bend metal.
There were the remains of three kilns here. I hope that they will be left as they are. School children have so many interesting sites around here to see on field trips.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Fence

Sometimes it's not the fence that is interesting.
but, what is behind it!
The deer around here look for a shady spot at nap time.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

An Annual Event

We recently attended an event for the first time. A nearby town, smaller than our little mountain town....yes there really is one smaller. Has an annual barbecue.
There are great photo opportunity's in the area, amongst the rather large ranches.

There was some live background music while you ate.
a somewhat crude dance floor
Some fake cowgirls
Some cowboys that are real.
Lots of barbecue and the trimmings. I seemed to be more interested in this table
another real cowboy with Tom
Ladies with western jewels
and of's best friend

High Winds

When the early settlers came here, to this small town in  western Colorado. back in the early 1900's they planted a fast growing tree. The Cottonwood.
 The roads down in town are lined with these magnificent trees. In the Spring though the pollen from this tree. is like white cotton floating through the air, and plays havoc with my allergies. The also have a life span and they are starting to fall.
A gust of wind during a thunderstorm last week brought this one down. They are lucky it didn't come down on the house...or cars going down the street.
Only thing it did was take out part of the fence. They have talked about cutting them all down. Last year one did go through the roof of a house. Of course there are folks that also to not want this to happen. It would be a shame to lose them all.

Monday, July 27, 2015

The Pile of Rocks

For years, I  noticed a large rock formation south of the highway that goes through Gunnison, Co.
I have always wanted to go investigate them, but we were usually in hurry going to or from the grocery store.There are a number of trails all through these rocks, although I noticed more bike riders than hikers.
 I spotted a road leading up to a lookout, and convinced Tom we should investigate.
The road was rather steep in places, but I am okay with that if there is no drop off.
We arrived at the first look out, and discovered a couple of tents. There must have been hiking or biking, because no one was around.
From this look out, you could see most of Gunnison, Co in the distance

The views were pretty in all directions.
The road continued on to another look out, but Tom said he had rather do that in our 4 wheel maybe next trip. It was a beautiful day, and I am glad we took the time to have a look.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Work Day

As soon as we returned from California, we received notice that there was a work day down at the community garden.
It seems that they wanted to build some sort of green house. Here, Tom and his friend Ted are drilling holes in metal poles.
Then for some reason they wanted they sprayed with green paint.
After a lot of measuring, and marking, they needed to bend them. I had never seen a tool like this, but it worked amazingly well!
 Kathryn was busy tying complicated knots in plastic rope. She tried to teach me...hmmm. We decided I would just be the cameraman.
It was amazing to be how skilled these young people were at doing this. I had to leave before the plastic cover  was tied on, but I will up date you soon.
Oh, by the way, my garden is doing great. We may need help eating all of this lettuce!
We have tomatoes
Parsley, etc, etc.
Oh, and this little tots mother was helping. I so wanted a picture of her, but she kept lowering her head and saying "no".

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Way Home

We flew in and out of Denver for our trip to California. Arriving at dusk in Denver, meant we would be heading into the mountains after dark, which is never a good idea. So, we spent the night, and were able to hit a couple of the big box stores before we left town.
We go through several mountain ranges, that make of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado (and several valleys). Here we have pulled over at an observation point to stretch our legs. You are looking at the Sawatch Range (near Buena Vista), which is made up of fifteen peaks over 14,000 ft. We must go over these into another valley, before our climb  up the San Juan Range to our place.
The skies are looking a bit you can see.
We did take the time to read all of the information signs about the area. Colorado is so good about telling you about the area you are in.
I must admit that I didn't  actually read them all. I was too busy looking at the other sights.

Friday, July 24, 2015


I love old things...they remind me of sweeter gentler times. When we were in San Francisco Airport recently I was amazed at all of the old photos displayed on the walls. Tom kept telling me to "come on" so I didn't get pictures of all the things I wanted to.
There was this great old picture of what San Francisco Airport use to look like. I am guessing this was back in the 50"s

Then there was a picture of a Stewardess....yes that was what they were called back then. She appears to be on the steps of a DC-3
No security here. Yes, that is the way we use to board an aircraft. How do I know that is a DC-3. Well I use to be a Stewardess on one. Not in the 1950's, but in the mid 1960's.
By this time I was running to catch up with my husband. Wait a minute. What's this?? Why it's an exhibit of the Art Deco Era. No, I am not that old but, man I wanted to see it.
First there was the car. A beautiful Pierce Arrow.

Oh it was a beauty
Then they had these displays inside plastic boxes (sometimes difficult to photograph). Pretty nifty old luggage.
Royal Rochester  period dishes....sorry about the glare
A typical 1920's bar

 The latest technology for listening to music

There were even some fashions display.. like the swimsuit of that era,

and I guess what would be called a Flapper Outfit?

By this time, my husband is announcing that our flight is boarding. Oh Darn! There are at least ten exhibits I have missed. So, if you are passing through the San Francisco airport I suggest you allow some time to walk through terminal two.