Thursday, April 23, 2020

A Walk Through the Gardens

We have found that getting out and going for a drive really does a lot to lift our moods during this lockdown. I had heard that the Clark Gardens near Minerals Wells, Tx was open and welcoming visitors. So we decided to drive out there agreeing that if their were too many people about, we would come home.
We were pleased to only see two other cars in the parking lot, which meant that we would practically have the 50 acres of gardens to ourselves.
Parking is free and admission for seniors is $7.00. They give you a map so that you do not get lost in the maze of flower beds, pavilions and ponds.
Sorry I did not take the time to record the name of all of these plants...we simply enjoyed them.
They have a skeleton  crew due the the current circumstances so some of the pathways needed to be swept but it did not take away from the peaceful setting.
I lost count of the number of ponds and fountains, trust me there are several.I wasn’t going to post this one since you can hardly make out the Irises, but I kind of like their silhouette.
I even talked Tom into posing. 
These turtles were sure enjoying the sun.
They don’t serve food but have several pretty spots by the water with tables and encourage you to bring a picnic....wish I had known.
There is even a section with miniature trains running about.
We decided that this much more enjoyable than walking around the neighborhood, and we didn’t come close to any people.

Turn about is fair play, so Tom wanted to take my picture.
Not sure when I will be able to post again. My surgery is finally happening early Monday morning (shoulder replacement) and my right arm will be in a sling...
But...I will return. Stay with me 

Sunday, April 19, 2020

A Short Walk

Don’t know about you, but we can only stay in so long and then we are ready to get out of the house. About noon we started out on our daily walk. We always check the weather forecast in the morning so we know what to expect.
There was no rain in the forecast so we headed out. I wanted to show you some more of Ft. Worth’s mansions. Well we were only a few blocks from home and there was a loud clap of we quickly reversed our direction and almost made it home before the sky opened up. There was even some hail. Although it was short lived. What to do? Well, this time we decided to take a drive.
Living in the city, there is nothing nicer to me than getting out into the countryside. How is this for a peaceful road?
Or maybe you prefer this road where you feel like you can see for miles? Actually it was the very same road. There was just a clearing at the top of the hill with views out to the west.
We stopped in the next small town and got an ice cream cone at the drive through.
Not terribly exciting...but we certainly enjoyed it.  
What did your day look like?

Monday, April 13, 2020

A Variety of Architectural Styles

Our daily walk yesterday had to be early so we could get back home before the high winds blew in. The weather report forecasted a cold front headed our way and promised to have winds reaching over 30 miles per hour.

Within easy walking distance for us is a street lined with old mansions. All built at the top of a high crest above the Trinity River. Here is an old beauty built in 1910 that has recently gone back on the market.
So if you a looking for more space... this place has just been reduced!
There is a wonderful array of architectural styles since all homes are custom designed. This Spanish style has a typical high wall making it impossible to see the home.

A couple of blocks away the homes are noticeably smaller but still have their own unique style. Like this mid century modern from the 1950’s,

and there are also a few like this sweet 1930’s cottage that hasn’t been scraped off of the lot to make room for a  modern mega mansion.
Arriving safely back home our Easter was anything but normal. Usually surrounded by at least twenty family seemed a little too quiet. Although I feel sure there are a lot of folks who spent the day completely alone, so we were happy we had each other.
How did you spend your day?

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Our Daily Outing

Tom and I take a daily walk of about one mile to get out of the house and get some exercise since our gym is closed. Yesterday we got a little too ambitious.
Look closely and you can possibly read the top sign. Yes we turned down Hidden Road. I guess it got it’s name because it is hidden behind a golf course.
It is a very steep hill going down with lush green foliage on both sides..
It leads past beautiful large homes to the entrance of a trail area. Theses trails are part of an extensive hike and bike trails that wind for seventy miles in and around Fort Worth.
I have circled to part of the trail that we are able to walk to, but as you can see we could travel for miles and miles and never leave the trails. Might just be a bit easier on a bike. There are also several sections where horseback riding is allowed.
There are some new signs on the paths....
Surprisedly we came across  very few people on this beautiful day. When we reached one of the small waterfalls I reminded Tom that we indeed had to walk all the way we turned around.
Going back up that hill was a strain. Our walk yesterday was over double the length we usually walk and with an enormous hill thrown in. Maybe we can stay in today (and rest) since our rains have returned. What have you been up to?

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Another Estate

Yet another estate is being built in the neighborhood behind us. It makes for an interesting walk.
I can’t Imagine having so many rooms. I guess if I had a large family... It was impossible to take a picture without the workmen’s truck in the way. I counted eight out in front.
Just a pretty rose bush that was on our path home.
 A neighbor put these on our porch yesterday for us. We have gone from “don’t wear a mask” to “wear a mask”.....
And last but not least.This is my sister Polly’s picture. It is her youngest grandson out on their farm southwest of Ft. Worth. Rowan loves those donkeys!

Monday, April 6, 2020

Flowers and the final Masterpiece

I hope this finds everyone well.

We look forward to our daily walk. Actually we go whatever the weather, and naturally I usually take a few pictures.
We saw several Mom’s out walking with small kids. Gosh it must be a chore to keep those little ones busy.
I hope you too are able to get outdoors.
You might just find a few signs of Spring.
And finally...I know you are all waiting with bated  breath!
See previous post.

My final attempt to replicate a masterpiece! Ha...don’t laugh it is keeping at least me entertained.

Sunday, April 5, 2020


Hello fellow captives. I hope that finds you well, entertained and with a full pantry.

We are a bit stir crazy, so when I received an email from my special interest group,The Art of Fort Worth, it caught my eye. They had a link to crazy pictures of people trying to recreate famous masterpieces, and encouraged us to do the same.
So, I decided to try one of Cezanne's still life paintings. If you are having trouble...his is on the left. I emailed it to my art group. Got several laughs and one or two well dones. Then I posted it on a social media sight and suggested my friends and family try their hand. A couple did and one replied that her favorites were Monet's Lady with a Parasol and Van Gogh's Starry Starry Night and neither could be replicated. Hmmm. I considered that a challenge:
So stay tuned...I am working on that Van Gogh!

Friday, April 3, 2020

A Party of Two

My Tom celebrated a monumental birthday yesterday. Like a lot of people around the world....special occasions had to be cancelled.
So, here is a hazy shot of him sitting out in our courtyard where we were having a party of two. ☹️
I did bake him his favorite cookies...instead of a cake.
Click on image to enlarge
Even though we had to cancel our five daughters coming to town, we were able to be together last night  thanks to new technology....with the app Zoom. So, Katy in Austin.TX. Stacy in Charlotte, NC, Kristen in Saldo, TX. Kelly in Houston, TX and Kerry in Atlanta, GA. They also put together a video of Tom through the years.....It was very touching and yes there were a few tears.
They all promised that as soon as this is all over...we can again plan our celebration!
Stay well....Janey