Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Tom asked me to ride along on an errand this morning. I am not usually so ready to accompany him on errands...but gosh boredom has set in and even a trip to the county clerk’s office sounded  like a real treat!
The County Clerk’s office is located in our Tarrant County Courthouse. A beautiful old building constructed in the late nineteenth century.

When the sunlight hits the building you can see that it is built out of pretty pink granite.

The center of the building has a winding staircase up to a colorful rotunda.

Like most public buildingS these days we had to pass though security...Well you guessed it. For the first new shoulder set off the alarm.
So I had to have a security person scan my shoulder . I think this will not be the last time to hear the 

Friday, May 22, 2020


Gosh it has been awhile. Even though the world seems to be opening up, we are still staying at home most days with occasional trips to the grocery store, physical therapy etc.

We are still taking this morning, before the temperature got too hot. Walking along the edge of the golf course is a favorite trek of ours. It is always so lush and green.
It’s always fun to see the latest decorations on gates to one of the estates. Hard to tell but this is saluting all of our front line workers, like Doctors and Nurses.
I actually haven’t been taking very many pictures. Just wanted to say hello, and let you know my physical therapy is going well, my sling is off  and yes I am waving with that arm!

Monday, May 11, 2020

This and that

My daughter in North Carolina has two active little girls that love being outside.

She lives in  condo complex where they only have a small courtyard.
There is grassy area that she must maintain. She is a busy professional and single Mom and finding time to mow these clumps of weeds was a chore.
So she had a soft artificial grass installed. The girls love is such a nice area for them to play.
She has a comfortable seating area at the other end. The umbrella can swivel so if the girls need some shade.
As for me, I am progressing nicely even walking a mile every morning...resting occasionally when I spot a place to sit down.
Postoperative appointment tomorrow where stitches come out! Yeah!

Thursday, May 7, 2020

The Blue Angels Tribute

The  famous Navy Blue Angels put on an aerobatic air show over North  Texas yesterday to honor our hardworking health workers
and I decided it would be the perfect first outing for me after my shoulder replacement. Tom tried to snap a picture of hem to no avail.
but thankfully my little sister Polly was equipped with a much better camera
and expertise. I sure enjoyed  the show, beautiful sunshine and just getting out.