Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We took a drive over the mountain to Creede,Co. My Tom had a meeting and I took a nice long walk. Creede has an interesting past. A known hangout for shady characters during the mining days of the nineteen century.Today they boast an award winning summer repertory theater.
We stopped at Freemon's and old stage stop.. on the way home. It is a wonderful place to get a greasy hamburger. Remember these Log Cabin syrup containers?


  1. I hope that your weather is cooler than when I left Denver late last week! Interesting town and history... loved your Blue-jay cousins a few days ago and laughed at the woodpecker reference!


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  3. THANKS Genie,

    Yes, it has cooled off up here in the mountains. Thirty seven this morning and a high of seventy four!