Friday, October 7, 2011

Wait for Me!

See that person in the distance? That's my husband Tom and we are actually hiking together. A hike to him is like an endurance test; up the mountain as fast as you can possibly go. Me...I like to pause and enjoy the vistas.You'll find me constantly pulling out my camera to photograph any and everything I think is pretty and oh yes.. stopping frequently to catch my breath.I at least try and keep him in my sight as there are more wild animals out there than people!


  1. What a beautiful scene and worthy of being photographed... Don't let him get too far ahead, mon amie! The last time I was torn between the hike and the photo-ops was in Florence on a "gentle walk in the hills" (hah!) across the top of a mountain with many pebbles and boulders. It was hard to keep up, not fall, and take photos!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. We used to have the same problem, but it was me always waiting for my hubbie who was making photo's. At a certain point I decided to make photo's myself and now my husband has to wait for me sometimes.So we are in balance now.

  3. How can he know if you fall from way up there? Just kidding :) he never sits still, not even in the wild.