Sunday, April 30, 2017

Car Number 1

In my previous blog I discussed my visit to the museum celebrating the once famous department store in our town. The store that was so large that they built their own subway.

Above is the photo of car number one (there were five) that was discovered wasting away in a field in 2013. The others long ago destroyed at the scrape metal yard. One of the daughter's of the founders of the store (and subway) along with a host of others.. loving saw that it was restored
and transported it to it's final resting place. Today it sits forty feet above the tunnel it use to operate in from 1963 to the lobby (where you can see it) of the grand twenty story building One City Place, Fort Worth, Texas.


  1. How good is that. At least it will now have a place in history.

  2. Such a nice story they found the car and are able to restore it now.

  3. Just read last post Janey. It's incredible that the store was that big! I'm so glad they found the subway car, it would have been tragic not too have any of them as a memento of the time. Are you still allowed to visit the tunnels as part of the museum?

  4. That business was pretty amazing! Good that there is some preservation.