Friday, July 22, 2022

Hannah’s Art.

 We have just returned from Austin, Texas where we have been babysitting our youngest grandchild two year old Maggie, and I am already missing her. Her parents were out of town and her ten year old sister Hannah is away at summer camp.

In the playroom my daughter for about the last four or five years has been framing Hannah’s art projects. I am not trying to say she has any talent, although I think she has an unusual style.

Once she discovered her style she seemed use every color available to her.

She also seems to add a lot of small details.

Although I was surprised by the lack of color in this one.

The tile trivet she gave me for Christmas seemed to be more her style.

As were the custom note cards she did.

I hadn’t seen this one before, but I recognized right away as a ”Hannah”. Seems it had fallen off the wall though and the frame needs repair!

So there you have it. Ms. Hannah’s first art show! Ha! 

Hope you are staying cool wherever you are. We returned today to find our air conditioning not working. A repairman is here now. Fingers crossed! It by the way is 102 degrees out…Janey


  1. I think Ms. Hannah is quite the painter. I love all the colors she uses. My favorite is the 2nd one but that trivet is pretty great too.

  2. Dearest Janey,
    You sure can all be very proud of young Hannah's feeling for form and color. She has a gift for expressing her soul in her artwork. Very happy and attractive.
    Staying cool... Hard to do just that when passing through Texas and Oklahoma today with 107°F showing on my car's dashboard.
    When Pieter had to gas up, we felt the strong hot wind. Here in Oklahoma City it still was 102°F at 6:00 PM.
    Janey, both of us were puzzled by those tall white cylinders alongside I-40. What are those?! Never seen them before...

  3. Janey,
    Still waiting for an answer from you about those tall, white cylinders alongside I-40...

  4. Janey, Texas is HUGE and yes, we drove all the way on I-40 coming from Santa Fe, NM, into the Texas panhandle to Oklahoma, City:
    See also my reply to your comment on my post.

    Those cylinders looked like these, neatly in white, but nothing around it. But they have been closed what I read.

  5. Guess they closed them last year:

  6. And I know I commented on this one. Check your spam comments folder, Janey.