Friday, July 15, 2022


 I have done a blog in the past on our excellent Cowgirl Museum here in Ft.Worth. It is second to none since I believe it is the only one! It is not to be missed if you find yourself in Ft.Worth.

It is located in our cultural district where there are several other museums you can walk to.

The building itself is a work of art in the Art Deco Design.

I was there for a meeting of my special interest group connected to the University where I take classes. 

I arrived early so that I could walk around before our meeting. The museum is so well done.

There are all kinds of exhibits of donated cowgirl outfits.One fancier than the next.

It is also a very interactive experience. Here you can pose on a pony.

or even see if you can stay on a bunking bronco.

The upper floors of the museum have some wonderful paintings of famous cowgirls.

and there are walls with a lifelike video of horses following you around..

As I said the museum is very hands on. I enjoyed this device where you push these circles to decorate the boot.

When you choose a color or design for the boot the color or pattern  also changes the walls around you.

So why did my art group meet here? I will post about that soon as this I fear is getting too long! Have a great weekend..


  1. Dearest Janey,
    You are so well surrounded by educative events.
    This sounds like a wonderful visit and one only can admire all the pieces shown here.
    Great artwork as well.
    Thanks for sharing with those of us that are not living near Fort Worth...

  2. It does appear to be a very interesting "hands on" museum for a visit.
    I really like the outside of the building too with its "Art Deco" appearance.